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Venus Transit in Virgo August 1, 2018 – How will it affect you?

Venus transit in Virgo is going to be on August 1, 2018. Here is a prediction for all 12 zodiac signs about the mentioned transit.

Planet Venus is considered the goddess of beauty. It is also considered to be the Master of demons. Venus is a beneficiary planet in Vedic astrology. It is responsible for art, love, beauty, life partner and material pleasures.

Venus Transit in Virgo August 1, 2018

With its auspicious effects in the horoscope, a person receives home, vehicle and all worldly pleasures in life. At the same time, if Venus is seated in some inauspicious house it will cause problems in physical pleasures and life partner. Venus is the master of two zodiac signs, Taurus and Libra. Venus is high in Pisces and low in the Virgo zodiac sign.

Venus Transit in Virgo August 1, 2018

On August 1, 2018 Wednesday at 12:41 pm Venus will transit low in Virgo. It will remain in Virgo sign till 1 September 2018, Saturday night at 23:46. For some it will bring positive results and on the other hand some Zodiac signs will have to suffer because of this transit.

Let’s know the astrological effects of this transit of Venus –

Venus Transit in Virgo August 1 – Aries

Venus will transmit zodiac in the sixth house. It is considered to be inferior in Virgo zodiac sign. During this time Venus is also making a sum of money for you.

  • Your attraction towards opposite sex can increase. But you should avoid making a relationship outside your marriage.
  • It may land you in trouble. Venus planet’s transition in sixth house demands more care of health from you.
  • Your opponents will try to put you into trouble.
  • You relations with your work partners may worsen during this time.

Avoid travelling for work during this transition as it is not auspicious. Try to calm yourself when talking to your spouse or things may get bad between you.


Venus is going down in the fifth place for Taurus zodiac sign. Because of the transition your economic situation will improve.

  • People looking for job may get good offers during this time. People associated with arts and entertainment will be fortunate.
  • You will change your lifestyle for positive results. As a result your health will improve. But, expenses may also increase during this time.
  • This is a great time for love life. If you are planning a baby it is the right time.

There is an increase in your honor in society as per the chart. Students will perform well during this time. And some may win a lottery.


  • Venus will move from your zodiac to the fourth house. You may be troubled by mental stress. Your health will improve with this transit.
  • Your long-standing desire will be fulfilled. The time will bring peace and happiness at home.
  • Relatives will be helpful. An economic gain is on the chart.
  • If you are planning to purchase house, property or vehicle it is better to avoid it for now.

Your romantic life may be in trouble for the time. It is advisable to maintain good relations with your children.

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Venus Transit in Virgo August 1 Effect on Cancer

For Cancer zodiac sign, Venus will transit in third position. You will gain economically during the transition. And your respect will increase in the society.

  • The number of friends in life will increase and your enemies will be fearful of you.
  • Your colleagues will help you move forward during this time.
  • Some gain from government schemes is also possible for Cancer Zodiac sign people.
  • You will indulge in social work and charity.

This time can come with special negative results too. Some differences may grow up with close friends or sisters. You need to be careful on this front.


Venus will enter in the second house for your Leo zodiac sign. Your health will get the benefits of this transit and you will be able to recover.

  • It is going to be wonderful time for love life. Married people may get the good news.
  • Students will get success in the exams. Your personality will attract people to your side.
  • Your interest in subjects such as art and music will increase.
  • In this period, you can buy clothes, jewelry or electronic gadgets. During this time you may earn benefits from various sources.

During this, your fear of enemies will remain intact. On the other hand, the lowly Venus is indicating the loss of wealth for you. Business may suffer. A dispute may arise amongst family for property. Sudden loss of valuables is predicted.


Venus will transit in Virgo zodiac sign. And it will ensure arrival of wealth and happiness in your life. Unmarried people can get good proposals.

  • Married couples may start planning for children.
  • Enemies will be defeated. Students will get success in the examination.
  • You should avoid indulging into anything that could possibly bring you dishonor.
  • Business may grow considerably for Virgo sign.

Don’t take any important decisions during this transition, if you have to consult family members and elders. You may be attracted towards opposite sex people.

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2018 Venus Transit in Virgo effect on Libra

Venus will transit in the 12th position with your zodiac sign. You will earn money from this transition.

  • Your friends will help you achieve financial benefits.
  • You may spend money on luxuries. Work will require long distance travel.
  • Time for creative people could be considered good.
  • However, they may be cheated by their own friends or their original work could be stolen.

Try to keep your mind calm in all the situations. Your new ideas could take you new heights. There is a need to control your expenses. Take your job seriously. Your mind may be distracted to sensual thoughts, control it.


Venus will transit in profit house for Scorpio zodiac sign. Your financial position will improve during transition period.

  • Your health will improve with changes in your diet and lifestyle.
  • Love life will flourish. And your social circle will grow.
  • During the transit, you will have good time you’re your friends.
  • You will earn good money but the money will be spent on entertainment and luxuries.

You will find it hard to concentrate. Travel is on the chart for working professionals. You need to control your emotions during this time.

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Venus will transmit in tenth house for Sagittarius zodiac sign. The transition will require yoy to take care of your health. Don’t be stressed because of any problem.

  • Be careful in money transactions or else there is fear of loss of money.
  • Do not let this stress dominate over yourself.
  • This time could not be considered right for romantic life. Unmarried lovers may fall into arguments.
  • Work would be challenging but you will manage it with efforts and hard work.

Business will suffer. Also, there could be increase in expenses. Your relation with your boss may deteriorate. Respect every women.

Venus Transit in Virgo 2018 – Effect on Capricorn

Venus will transit in the fifth house of Capricorn zodiac sign. You will need to be cautious at this time.

  • You can benefit from any government plan.
  • Transition period requires you to work with patience and discretion.
  • Spouse and friends will help in moving forward.
  • You can buy clothes, jewelry or electronic gadgets etc.

There are opportunities for a new job. Travel will be beneficial for you. Your fame in society will increase. Your will be irritated all the time without any reason.


Venus will transit in eighth position with your zodiac sign. Financial position will improve. Family life will be good. And you may buy physical amenities during the transition.

  • Students will get success in education during the transition.
  • There may be more sensual thoughts in mind so keep an eye on these thoughts.
  • However, the time could be tough for you.
  • Be careful while driving and journeys.

A sudden expenditure may be on the chart. Be polite while interacting with anyone and avoid getting into arguments during the transition period.

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The coming of Venus in the seventh house may be the cause of dissatisfaction in your married life.

  • You may travel during the transition period. However, you are advised to avoid long distance trips.
  • The transition requires hard work for results. You should take care of your health.
  • A sudden loss of money is on the chart for you.

Married couples may be worried about children. And unmarried couples may face difficulty in making an important decision. Avoid anything that may earn bad name for you.

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Venus Transit in Virgo August 1, 2018 – How will it affect you?
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