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Neil Diamond: Horoscope Analysis of the legend

Neil Diamond was born on 24th January 1941 in Brooklyn. He is a legendary singer musician who has sold over 120 million records worldwide. It has made him amongst the few who are termed as “world`s best selling artist of all time”. He has been honored at song writer`s hall of fame and rock and roll hall of fame. Like many others he is my one of the most loved singers too. Neil Diamond`s horoscope is given below and let`s see what are the things that have made him a living legend on this planet.

Daily Horoscope

Neil Diamond has a very strong vipreet rajayoga. Saturn placed in 8th bhava in the rasi chart. The 9th lord and 11th lord are conjunction in the 4th bhava, the house of the masses. He was born in poorvashadha first quarter so he never got any bad dasa in his early days. Venus, Sun, Moon were all favorable for him and also Mars didn’t caused much panic. Third house is the prime house of own efforts, communication, singing, writing, publishing. Neil Diamond has mars as the third lord placed in third house. This is one of the reason of his success in singing, he developed interest in it since his childhood and pursued it further.

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Weekly Horoscope

His 10th house is aspected by Saturn, Moon, Venus and Mars. Saturn is debilitated in his chart but is giving him vipreet rajayoga. Rahu in his ascendant gave him the ability to think and may be this rahu has given him some personal disorders which the general public is not aware of. Neil Diamond got married thrice; Ketu in his seventh house gave its effects. It is not that Ketu alone is responsible but 7th lord is placed in 8th bhava in rasi chart is also allowing it.

His third cusp sub lord is moon which is in the third house itself in the cuspal chart giving the results of third house lord in third house. Venus, the planet controlling his 9th house and second house is placed in third bhava in cuspal chart. Venus is sublord of 5 planets in his chart and it signifies 2,3,9 houses very strongly as Venus is in own star in his chart. So he got money, name, fame and long travels one can only dream of.

Monthly Horoscope

Neil Diamond is now 75 years old and Neil Diamond is still going on and I wish him best of luck and health.

By Acharya Raman

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