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Libra Horoscope 2017, The year will begin with Saturn in Scorpio till 26th January and on 26th it will enter into Sagittarius. It will get retrograde on 6th April and till 25th August it will be so. It will get direct on 25th August. It will enter Scorpio on 21st June and on 26th October it will move back into Sagittarius. Jupiter will be in Virgo till 12th September 2017. It will get retrograde on 6th February and will become direct on 9th June. Rahu will be transiting Leo till 18th August 2017 and on 18th it will enter Cancer. Ketu will be in Aquarius till 18th August and on 18th it will enter Capricorn.

You are reading Libra Horoscope 2017 and know how will be your coming year

Venus will enter into Pisces on 27th January and it will remain therefore a long time till 31st may when it goes into Aries. After that it has a smooth motion forward. It will retrograde on 4th March till 15th April and will get combust from 30th April to 13th July. I will be telling you the major things you can expect this year and problems you may face along with the remedies which will make your life easier. Kindly note that changes of major planets have deeper effect on native than other planets thus they are considered firstly to judge the impact on your life broadly. For precise study on your natal horoscope please buy our annual horoscope service.

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  • Family Life: Your ascendant lord is going to be in 6th house for a long time from the beginning of the year. Family life is a life of many people together with different opinions and keeping equilibrium if a major task for many of us. Mars will be transiting in houses negative for marital and overall family happiness till May. Jupiter is also in the 12th house thus the benefic power of Jupiter will not be available till 12th September when it comes in your ascendant. People with Ketu, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter DBA will not find peace till the second half of the year. There will be disagreements with spouse and for some natives things can be fatal for the relationship. You may have hot talks with your father and your point of view may be sidelined in the family many times.

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  • Health: Libra Rashifal 2017, To females miscarriage is a very high probability. You may decide to abort the child. You will have hyper-gastritis issues if you are passing through Ketu antara. You will face shoulder and back pain issues. Breathing problems are also an issue for you this year.

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  • Finance: I would say, because no planet is negatively aspecting your second house, the financial position will be good. You should not make big investments till May if passing through Mars DBA or till September if passing through Jupiter DBA. For natives with Ketu antara should be very cautious and should not invest in anything at all till august 18th. Infact this is not an year for shares or gambling of any kind. You may be cheated by your own known people. Some fraud may happen with you but if you are passing through the DBA of Rahu then things will be pleasantly favoring you. People with Saturn, Mercury antara should remain idle for the year i.e. do not expect anything big but keep making efforts without investing money. Kepp doing your homework.

You are reading Libra Horoscope 2017 and know how will be your coming year

  • Career: Libra Horoscope 2017, Job prospects will be good,, those who are into Jobs will have a decent year except for those with Ketu and Jupiter DBA. You will see loss of job and defamation in your work sphere. You will make erroneous decisions and will be ridiculed. You will have good year if the DBA is of any other planet. Moon is your 10th lord so in general you people keep progressing in your fields whatever it is, if other things are supportive.

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  • Business: This will be a bad year for people with ketu or Jupiter DBA, do not make any huge purchases till May if going through Mars DBA. In general there will be growth and prosperity. You will accumulate money but many of you will get the reverse effect. You will have to make some tough business decisions which may not be liked by your partners or competitors. You will gain a lot through illegal mode if you are passing through Rahu period and will not get caught. You will bribe many people to get your things done. You will also use your friends and natives of opposite sex for your benefit. You may start a new venture this year if Rahu is your DBA lord. People with Saturn DBA will also be moving ahead only but slowly and steadily. So overall there are huge gains to some of you and losses to many of you depending your dasa and antara.

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  • Romance: Say a big “no” to love romance etc this year and focus on your career or other goals. Ketu in your 5th house will only give your heartbreak and allied shocks. You will face deceit in your love matters. It will be most pronounced if you are passing through DBA of Ketu. For other natives also this is not a good year as Ketu`s presence is enough to end the things related to the bhava or house. Remember Ketu is a body without head or life. Dead. Moreover Venus will be in 6th house for 3 months initially which will also be a negative thing for you.

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  • Sex life: Libra Horoscope/Rashifal 2017,  You will have dejection from sexual acts from time to time. You will be more towards cool side on the bed. You will have many worries related to other things which will deviate you from this act. Particularly people with ketu DBA. Others may not have so many problems. Saturn and Jupiter DBA will give desire to do it even at the cost of immorality and incest.

Read Libra Horoscope 2017 and plan your year accordingly. 

  • Days of Caution: Try to do your most of things on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Friday throughout the year. Avoid 10 days in advance and 20 days after Saturn and Jupiter gets retrograde. In Jupiter`s retrograde motion do not go for Legal matters.

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  • Remedial Astrology: Recite “Devi kawacham” from Durga Saptshati of Geeta press Gorakhpur whenever you feel mentally drawn out.
Libra Horoscope/Rashifal 2017
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