Scorpio Horoscope/Rashifal 2017

Scorpio Horoscope 2017 – The year will begin with Saturn in Scorpio till 26th January and on 26th it will enter into Sagittarius. It will get retrograde on 6th April and till 25th August it will be so. It will get direct on 25th August. It will enter Scorpio on 21st June and on 26th October it will move back into Sagittarius. Jupiter will be in Virgo till 12th September 2017. It will get retrograde on 6th February and will become direct on 9th June. Rahu will be transiting Leo till 18th August 2017 and on 18th it will enter Cancer.

Ketu will be in Aquarius till 18th August and on 18th it will enter Capricorn. Venus will enter into Pisces on 27th January and it will remain therefore a long time till 31st may when it goes into Aries. After that it has a smooth motion forward.

It will retrograde on 4th March till 15th April and will get combust from 30th April to 13th July. I will be telling you the major things you can expect this year and problems you may face along with the remedies which will make your life easier.

Kindly note that changes of major planets have deeper effect on native than other planets thus they are considered firstly to judge the impact on your life broadly. For precise study on your natal horoscope please buy our annual horoscope service.

You are reading Scorpio Horoscope 2017 and know how will be your coming year

  • Family Life: Saturn is there in your second house. Saturn will progress to your second house and will get retrograde soon. Then it will get retrograde and move back to Scorpio in your ascendant and then again come forward. All this will affect your day to day life negatively if you are running Saturn DBA and also otherwise there will be some negative effects of this thing. Mars will be in the fifth bhava in January so it will move ahead into 6,7,8 houses thus a period of 3-4 months in the initial year will be somewhat troublesome. You will be having quarrels in your family and with your spouse too things will not be very fine. You may get violent when Mars reaches the 8th bhava because of the aspect of Saturn from the second house. Apart from being dhan bhava it is also a maraka house. Overall, those running the periods of Saturn and Mars in their DBA will have much to think about better relations in their family and nearby relatives. Kids will also be a source of problems.

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  • Health: Scorpio Rashifal 2017, Health is going to be fine usually. There is not much to worry about, if you are having any problems already then people with Mars, Venus or Saturn DBA will face more critical situations but those with Jupiter DBA may get some cure of their long time illness.

Read Scorpio Horoscope 2017 and plan your year accordingly

  • Finance: You surely will make loads increase in your bank account if you are having Jupiter as your DBA lord this year till September and it is not connected to 6,8,12 bhavas at stellar level. You will make money from everywhere, where ever you will invest you will get some profits atleast if not too much so make the most of this year because this transit will come after 12 years now.

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  • For people with Rahu-Ketu Saturn DBA, this year may prove disaster particularly with Rahu-Ketu because they will be transiting in each other`s star for a long time and it is the most undesirable thing. Saturn too will be in ketu`s star which will be in rahu`s star so there will be problems for sure for those people. You should be careful not only in your work place but also in home as theft or fraud may make you shocked suddenly.

You are reading Scorpio Horoscope 2017 and know how will be your coming year

  • Career: Scorpio Horoscope 2017, As iterated above, Jupiter DBA people will get the most gains till 12th But you should become very careful after September because it will transit in your 12th house which is the house of losses and expenses. People with DBA except of Rahu-ketu-Saturn will have a good year in their careers and they will make notable progress. Jupiter will play its role whether it is DBA or not it will shower its benefic nature to some extent.

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  • Business: Overall period till august will not be giving much to people who are running Rahu-Ketu-Saturn periods. Other will have a good time surely and those with Jupiter period will have the maximum fun. Do not trust your age old partner also, do not make any decisions in excitement or emotions, do not over indulge in your work – all these will be bad for you. You will get overseas contracts, favors from Government, loans for your business everything if your are not having the DBA of the trio.

Read Scorpio Horoscope 2017 and plan your year accordingly

  • Romance: Scorpio Rashifal/Horoscope 2017, 5th bhava is the main bhava for romance love affairs etc, the lord of the house will be in 11th bhava indicating win-win situation for your till September if you have its DBA. For others it will not be a so lucky situation, people with Saturn DBA may see and to their relationships and people with Rahu-Ketu DBA may taste deceit and lies and heart breaks. You should not run after love if your DBA lord is not Venus or Jupiter or Mercury. There is every possibility that you will bite dust so better focus on other things, there are many other good things to do in life other than running after Love and Romance etc.

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  • Sex life: Sex life of emotional signs is always a happening one. Their emotional outburst makes their partner enjoy the physical plays to the core. This year will also be the same and those with Jupiter, Saturn or Rahu DBA may enjoy sex with multiple options whether male or female. Sex can also be a tool/process to get things done for you.

Read Scorpio Horoscope 2017 and plan your year accordingly

  • Days of Caution: Scorpio Horoscope 2017, Avoid the days when moon is in Aries, Gemini, Libra for any travel or making any major decisions. Be careful about your financial and family turf atleast 10 days before Saturn, Jupiter will be retrograding and 20 days after it. It will be very helpful for you if your follow this suggestion as it is.  So Keep reading Scorpio Horoscope/Rashifal 2017 and plan your day accordingly.

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  • Remedial Astrology for Scorpion : Recite Hanuman Chalisa daily, Recite Devi kawach. Wear a fine quality Yellow Sapphire if Jupiter is your DBA lord.
Scorpio Horoscope/Rashifal 2017
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