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Must Read Guide to Gemstones – Facts & Info to Know before Buying

I’m writing this complete guide to Gemstones with an intent to provide complete facts and all related information which one should read before buying a gemstone.

Since time immemorial, mankind has been using various Gemstones for different purposes. Women wore them for beauty and men wore them for elegance and so on. Astrology also had a lot to interfere with these stones and choices people made for themselves.

Must Read Guide to Gemstones

Gems were suggested according to the birth moon sign by the prevailing astrologers, palmists, mantriks and tantriks etc in India and in west the moon sign and the birth month were used to prescribe gems. Numerology did its contribution and then gems were being suggested on the basis of numbers which were calculated in a particular way.

Must Read Gemstones Guide

In present scenario there are many ways to suggest Gems and it is confusing people more than solving anything at all. One must remember that always go for the stone which is pulling you towards itself with positivity and warmth. Feel the stone and if you are getting a positive expression in your heart then do wear that stone.

Otherwise it is better to leave it and move ahead because it is not going to do anything good for you.

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Let us see the stones as per the birth sign i.e. the sign in which moon was transiting at the time of birth:

Aries and Scorpio: Red Coral

Taurus and Libra: Diamond

Gemini and Virgo: Emerald

Cancer: Pearl

Leo: Ruby

Capricorn and Aquarius: Blue Sapphire

Sagittarius and Pisces: Yellow Sapphire

It is believed that wearing these stones will bring luck and prosperity to the wearer. The wearer will be having better future prospects and will have divine protection. He will have blessings of the ruling planet of the sign for which he as worn the stones. The ruling planets of these signs are:

Aries and Scorpio: Mars

Taurus and Libra: Venus

Gemini and Virgo: Mercury

Cancer: Moon

Leo: Sun

Capricorn and Aquarius: Saturn

Sagittarius and Pisces: Jupiter

Again there is another method which is the birth month which is used to prescribe the Gems and according to it following gems should be worn by people:

Birth MonthRecommended Gemstone

Western astrologers divided the months and they prescribed stone in following way:

Date of BirthZodiac SignRecommended Gemstone
Jan 21 - Feb 18AquariusGarnet
Feb 19 - Mar 20PiscesAmethyst
Mar 21- Apr 20AriesBloodstone
Apr 21 - May 21TaurusWhite Sapphire
May 22 - Jun 21GeminiAgate
Jun 22 - Jul 22CancerEmerald
Jul 23 - Aug 23LeoOnyx
Aug 24 - Sept 22VirgoCarnelian
Sept 23 - Oct 23LibraChrysolite
Oct 24 - Nov 22ScorpioBeryl
Nov 23 - Dec 21SagittariusCitrine
Dec 22 - Jan 20CapricornRuby

Gemstones prescribed as per numerology calculations

In this system we add the complete date month and year of birth to a single digit e.g. if one is born on 13-12-1978 then we will add all the digits and the total will be 32 and reducing it to a single digit will be 5. This is the life path number as told by numerology. The stones for these are:

Gemstones prescribed as per numerology calculations

  1. Garnet
  2. Quartz
  3. Amazonite
  4. Aventurine
  5. Aquamarine
  6. Blue Quartz
  7. Amethyst
  8. Citrine
  9. Rose Quartz

Gemstone characteristics

You may read the characteristics of these stones below:

Garnet characteristics

Garnet Gemstones guide

Garnet is usually available in many colors. It is considered to be the stone for people born in January. They are very beautiful gems and some garnets are very rare and precious and cannot be owned by everyone. It is available from yellow to dark brown shades.

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Amethyst characteristics

Amethyst Gemstones guide

This is a semi precious gemstone which is available in lavender to purple black shade. It is considered to be the stone for people born in February. It is from quartz family only and the most precious one was from Russia.

Africa, Uruguay are the leading suppliers of this stone worldwide now. It is supposed to bring peace and tranquility and helps in restricting alcoholic habits. It may help in preventing baldness.

Aquamarine and Blood Stone characteristics

Aquamarine Gemstones guide

They are considered to be stones for March born natives. They are from the beryl family like Emerald is. Bloodstone is a green stone with red spots.

Sailors have believed since ages that Aquamarine is the protecting shield when they are at sea. They both bring love, hope, and youthfulness to the wearer.

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Diamond characteristics


It is the stone for April born natives. It is the hardest gemstone and is used for many purposes other than jewellery. They are supposed to heal and are connected with love and potency in a native.

Emerald characteristics

It is also a much loved gem stone. The best ones are from Columbia. It is believed that the wearer gets visions about future. It protects from evil eye and cure from diseases. It is also a beauty item. It is for May born natives.

Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone characteristics

These are stones for June born natives. Moon stone changes with the phases of moon. Pearl is supposed to give stable marriages.

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Ruby characteristics

Ruby Gemstones guide

Ruby is a precious gemstone and is widely used in astrology. It gives inner strength. It is stone for people born in July. Most of the Ruby comes from Africa. It is royal stone.

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Peridot characteristics

It is the stone for August born natives. It is never treated for anything and is natural green in color. It is a very beautiful stone. It gives protection from forces of darkness.

Sapphire and Lapiz lazuli characteristics

Sapphire Gemstones guide

They are the stones for September born natives. While Lapiz is a different gemstone, sapphire is an important gem stone. Sapphire gives the wearer the power to look into the future. It gives spiritual strength.

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Opal and Tourmaline characteristics

They are supposed to be the stone of natives born in October. Both are precious and semi precious stones and are worn to give love, youthfulness, and pleasures in life.

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Citrine and Topaz characteristics

Citrine is a semi precious stone. Both are supposed to give strength and vitality to the wearer.

Turquoise & Tanzanite characteristics

Turquoise Gemstones guide

They are the stones for December born people. They are supposed to bring good luck and fortune to the wearer. They are not transparent stones.

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Hopefully, all your queries regarding Gems is quenched to a great extent by now and you can choose a stone for you from any of the methodologies given above. Gems have been used extensively across the globe to get what one wants and to pacify the planets. Why not give it a try who knows your luck may start shining again.

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