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Sun Transit in Leo on 17th August, Know the Effects on You

Sun Transit in Leo on 17th August. It is going to leave Mars for a few days. In own sign it will be aspected by Saturn and it will come between the rahu –ketu axis which is all negative largely. But it is all for a day only if we take mean rahu-ketu transit.

Sun transit in Leo on 17th August

Let us see what is going to happen on the natives of the 12 ascendants due to this transit:


Love matters will be confusing. There could be minor to acute stomach problem. Your investments will not yield desired profits. You may take some wrong decisions related to investment and finance. Friends will be trying to help but you may not accept it. You will be making short journeys. Work will be normal.

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Work progress will be good. You may have some minor disagreements with your seniors but otherwise you will keep getting their support and appreciation. You may have some losses in stocks.

People with asthma should be careful and avoid excess dust and smoke. If you are a motivational leader then the last phase will bring goodness.

Janam Kundli


There may be some disputes with your younger siblings or neighbors. You may say or do things which may harm your reputation. You may not be able to complete a deal which you thought is important for you. You will have a more than normal body temperature and fever is also likely. Make sure that you do not get angry on people.


There is going to be some initial earnings for business people then suddenly expenses will rise and you will have to drain all what you made.  There is very likelihood of some sudden disease or physical infliction or mental agony which will take money to be cured. Spending on laving things is also there and just to show off you may buy very costly branded items.

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Sun will be coming to it`s own house but will be afflicted for a day. There will be overdose of ego injected in you which may make you say and do things which others will not take as friendly. Health related minor issues may come.

You may have food related problems. You will be having things done easily when sun will be in Venus star for a few days and this will be the time to go for things. Avoid the star of Ketu and Sun itself.


There is likelihood of losses in speculation. You will have problems in your love life. You may have food related disorders. Be careful while eating out. You will have good work progress later but after that you may have some minor to serious disputes with your seniors or juniors. There will be sudden expenses and you may spend money to show off which usually you don’t do.

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You will be enjoying this period quite well. Your friends will be supportive and you will be making new friends too. Works will be going on as usual and you will make a name for yourself. You may think to purchase a home or shift to some other rented place. You will be doing some long travels and also getting favors from seniors.


10th house lord in 10th house, what more can one ask for? This will be a good time for you in the beginning and in the last phase but when sun will be in the star of Venus avoid all decisions if you are going through the dasa of Venus.

You will face sudden hurdles and problems from the natives of opposite sex. You will be having health issues also in this time. When it will be in own star it will be the time to take all the major decisions related to career and investments and finance.

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This is going to be a good period overall except for a few health issues. You may have some problem related to back bone or the eyes. You will feel good in this time and things will be positive overall.

There will be lesser effort used by you to get things done. You will have blessings of elders in the family and your communication with your parents will be good.


You will find some temporary cure to you problems. You will some gains from unexpected sources. There can be some gifts given to you by your elders or the in-laws. Career wise you may find some opportunities but they won`t be for a long time. You will have problems in your love matters. There can be losses from speculation.


There will be problems in your married life. You may have to be away from home for a while. You may suffer from bad dreams. You may have problem of insomnia. Matters of love will have more of your attention and you will try hard to seek a love partner. Married life will be initially troubled but by the end of this transit, things will look better. You should keep a cool head in this period.

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You will have some good progress in your work field but health may be the price for it. You will make new friends at your work place. There can be some repairs in your home or vehicle. You may borrow money for that. Domestic help may give some troubles.

Sun Transit in Leo on 17th August, Know the Effects on You
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