Salary – When will it be credited? – KP astrology prediction!

This question was posed by my friend out of curiosity. I personally think mentioned a number between 1 and 249 in his favourite is 115. The following is the horary map for the questions:

Astrology prediction by VGR Pavan

As per KP system, one that you receive salary during the period of planets connected with the 2, 6, 10 and 11 houses. As the event has to happen shortly, we should consider the transit of sun and the moon to pin point the date.

The sub Lord of 6th house is most important and also proper attention should be paid for 11th house.

Here the sub Lord of 6th house is Mercury. It is deposited in the star and sub division of Ketu an occupant of the 5th house. On the other hand Mercury is retrograde at the time of judgment. I was alarmed by this position! The sub Lord of 11th house is Rahu, it is in the star of Ketu and own sub division. There is no planet in the stars of Rahu and hence he will enjoy positional strength. Here we have to note that both the sub lords are deposited in the star of Ketu a representative for Saturn!

I stretched my analysis further and study the position of Saturn also. He is in the star of Ketu and sub division of sun a strong significator for 2 and 6 houses. Therefore Ketu will act favourable to the signification of Saturn! I took liberty to go to that extent only because of the academic interest.

In my opinion, sun is strongest as he is in 8th house and posited in the star of Venus and occupant of 6th house and sub of Rahu and occupant of 11th house. By all means sun in Rahu will be highly beneficial planets for this question.

Sun will enter in the subdivision of Saturn on 6th of May 2017. Moon will be transiting in the star of sun during that day. Mercury is also the direct. You will reach your own sub division between 10 AM and 2 PM.

My prediction is that he will receive salary on 6th of May 2017.

Good luck

Salary – When will it be credited? – KP astrology prediction!
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