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Will Smriti Irani Be the New CM of Gujarat

There is a lot of buzz about Smriti Irani being given the prestigious post of Gujarat Chief Minister.

We all know about her since her saas bahu serial days and also when she was an adamant critic of Shree Naremdra Modi ji and now she is one of the most trusted kaaryakarta as people of political party say.

Smriti Irani new Chief Minister of Gujarat?

In lok sabha elections too she was given very responsible things to do and she was made cabinet minister by BJP. She has done a lot in her life and Smriti Irani is a household name since long now.

Smriti Irani New CM of Gujarat

Will she be able to fulfill the promises and will she be able to get back those 19-20 seats which the BJP  has lost to Congress in this 2017 elections?

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May be she becomes and this is also likely that another section of BJP itself may become angry with the central leadership. Some people may also get angry due to her candidature and this will be a very tough decision for the BJP head.

will smriti irani be the CM of Gujarat? Prediction by Acharya Raman- AstroVidhi

The horary horoscope for Smriti Irani:

After win of gujarat there is lot of talks about who will be the cm of Gujarat and when I googled Smriti Irani was being told prominently by many media blogs and sites and so I wanted to know about the winner or her candidature about the post.

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An enthusiast gave me number 13 negating her posting. Above is the chart:

The 10th cusp is in star of sun and sub of saturn which is in 8th house but placed in ketu star in 10th. This ketu is not a strong significator of 10 due to its starlord Mars which is placed in 6th house but it is in star of Rahu in 4th and Sub of Mercury in 8th house.

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Prediction for Smriti Irani Gujarat CM:

It seems that she wont be given the post, instead an elderly male person of high cast of Gujarat will be given the job. And very soon it will be in the public.

Will Smriti Irani Be the New CM of Gujarat
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