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Will Jayalalita Survive?

The CM of Tamilnadu J.Jayalalita is in CCU of Apollo hospital in Chennai. She suffered a cardiac arrest and thus she was taken into CCU. I tool number 106 to know whether she is going to survive this health issue or not> Below is the chart:


The ascendant cusp sublord is Rahu. It is placed in12th house to the ascendant itself which is not a good sign. It shows hospitalization. Rahu is in Venus star which is a significator of houses 3,5,10,12. The 6th csl is Mercury which is placed in ketu star. Ketu is in 6th bhava Mercury signifies including ketu 6,12, 1,2,4 houses. The 11th sublord is Mars which is placed in 5th house of recovery and it is in own star but in sub of Rahu which is in 12th bhava.

Daily Horoscope

It seems that she may recover for the moment but the recovery may not be lasting long enough because 12th bhava is signified by all planets either at star lord or sub lord levels.

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I wish her to recover quickly and pray to God for her health.

By Acharya Raman

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