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Will BJP be able to retain Gujarat in 2022?

The repeat Chief Minister of Gujarat Vijay Rupani took oath of office today on 26th December 2017 at 11:35 when Moon is transiting in Uttarbhadrapad Star and the rising ascendant is Aquarius.

BJP Win in Gujarat in 2022?

In year 2013, the repeat CM of Madhya Pradesh took oath in the same ascendant so may be BJP loves Aquarius ascendant. Many of predictions did came true which I had made at that time. I had clearly indicated for a scam in Health sector and Vyapam Ghotala is most famous scam in the BJP regime so far in Madhya Pradesh. Let us now see what are the likely things that are going to happen in Gujarat in the time to come.

Will BJP Win in Gujarat in 2022

Saturn dasa is on till 2028 and as of now is going to be Saturn dasa and Venus antara till 06.12.2019. In the horoscope both Venus and Saturn are in the 11th house. Mr. Rupani has taken oath in Mars pratyantara.

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The combination of Ascendant lord, 9th house lord and tenth house lord if not only fulfilled but the planets are sitting in very favorable places.

In 2022 the dasa will be of Saturn moon till may and then Saturn Mars will begin and in this period only the next election will happen.

Jupiter Transit 2018

Saturn will be in the ascendant in this time and Jupiter will be in Pisces in second house creating a major raja yoga.

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The probable things that may happen in the coming five years can be summed up as follows:

  • Business growth will become rapid in Gujarat.
  • Many rivals will join the party.
  • The strength of rivals will increase.
  • There will be more consolidation of Hindu votes and there will be divisive politics played for separate Hindus and Muslims.
  • Major riot between two common religions is very possible.
  • The rulers will be able to suppress the competition and maintain law and order in state.
  • A major scam in health sector, agriculture, and import export is likely.
  • A woman will rise to power, name, and fame.
  • Liquor ban may be removed from Gujarat.
  • Hinduism will reach new heights in the state.
  • Tourism will become a very large industry in the time to come.

In any case, BJP is going to come again in 2022 in the state of Gujarat assembly elections.

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Will BJP be able to retain Gujarat in 2022?
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