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Sun Transit into Cancer July 16, 2018: Read its Effects on Your Zodiac Signs

On Monday, July 16, 2018, the sun will transit into cancer. Sun stays in any transition for 1 month and thus it will remain in this transition till the 17th August. In Vedic astrology sun effects a person’s personality.

Sun is symbol of mobility, grace and leadership. The sun is considered to be the King of all the planets. If in any person’s horoscope the sun is in auspicious placements, the person receives honor, success and high rank in his life.

With Sun’s transition in Cancer, many people can change jobs and business. Difficulties of Aries, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces can increase due to sun exposure. These 6 people can be troubled in health, careers, love life and money matters.

Apart from these, time will be good for people who belong to Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Capricorn sign.

Let’s know what will be the effect on the 12 zodiac signs from the Sun’s transition from Gemini Zodiac sign in Cancer sign.

Sun Transit into Cancer effects on Aries

In your zodiac sign, the sun will move in the fourth house. As a result you are likely to get promotion and benefits in the field. You may experience tension from family side.

You should take extra care of your parent’s health during the period as they may suffer health issues. Decisions related to property matters should be taken very carefully. You may develop disputes with anyone.

Effects on Taurus

Transition of sun could be auspicious for you. With this effect, you can get a new job. Or if you are looking to switch jobs you may get new and good options. Your work related performance will be good. Profits in business are likely to increase.

On the other hand, your enemies can dominate you during this period. There is a possibility of a dispute with siblings or friends. You need to be careful on this front. Health of parents could be a matter of concern.

Effects on Gemini

Your financial situation may improve as there is a possibility of getting a new job. Accidents while travelling may occur. People can remain angry and unhappy with you. There may be some tension between family members.

You should think well before speaking anything. Take care of your health as there may be a disease. Sun transition may bless you with wealth benefits. Benefits from government sector are on the card. Some people may also get annoyed with you. Apart from this, your secret can also be exposed. Your spouse needs your care during this time.

Sun Transit into Cancer – Predictions

Your ego can cause soreness in relationships or conflicts with your spouse. Transition of sun in your zodiac is not auspicious for you. It may result in a bad relationship with your father. Also, it may deteriorate your health.

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You should speak thoughtfully. Do not boast, otherwise your problems can increase. Headaches, fever or phlegm related problems can increase. There may be any type of infection in the lungs or chest. Everyday work can increase. Money can be spent on itself.


You can benefit from a special and influential person in coming time. You will earn success with hard work. There are possibilities of foreign tours for you. There may be money gains from somewhere in the last week of the month.

The lord of your zodiac sign will be in 12th house. This may cause health issues. Eyes related illness is possible during this transition. You should take care of your health. You may be upset even by yourself. Also, your expenses may increase.


Foreign relations or foreign trade will bring you benefits. There is a possibility of getting an economic advantage. Due to the sun you can make up your mind to do great work and take big decisions too.

There will be trips and they will also benefit you. During this time enemy will be defeated. But you can be surrounded by domestic problems. Fluctuations in love life could upset you. Avoid anger and arrogance. Be careful about the health of the children.

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People of Libra zodiac sign can get an opportunity to sit on higher positions. With the influence of the sun, people who are working or are in business will get advancement. Favorable results will be found at the workplace.

You can get the benefit of the government scheme. Honor may be more than ever before. People who are employed must be careful. Officers can be happy with your hard work. You may be upset about some family matters. Important things about property can be seen in front of you. You can make the choice to buy a vehicle or any type of property.


The conjunction of stars may give you an opportunity of long trip. The journey will give you new opportunities to earn money. Change in the position of sun can benefit you in government works. You may be promoted during this time.

Reputation in society will increase. On the other hand, you may face obstacles in work. The health of the father should be taken care of. There can be differences with the siblings.


Changing the amount of sun will not give you luck. You can harm yourself by uttering anything in anger without thinking. Due to sun in your eighth house, there is a possibility of loss of money. Fights in the family can increase. There may be obstacles in your essential activities. Think carefully about starting a new job.

In case of investment and transactions, you have to be careful. Sudden loss of money is also predicted. Your savings may also end due to the sun. Your health will not be well. You may be tensed because of your father’s health. Disputes with in-laws are also on the chart.


Changing the position of sun will have a favorable time in the job and business, but you should also be careful. You will have some problems in the work area. There may be a change in your behavior which can make your relationship worse with some people.

Life partner can be worried. You should not be negligent in health matters. Head and eyes can have diseases. Due to Sun transition in cancer you can surround yourself with serious illness


Changes in life are predicted in this time. Changing the amount of sun is not right for you in many cases. Some legal matters may come up. However, you can get success in legal matters.

Your opponents may try to dominate you. People who are employed or are in business may be dissatisfied with the authorities. There may be obstacles in your work. There are chances of dispute in the work area. Your expenses may increase. Keep in mind the health of your spouse.

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Students must focus on their studies. Avoid debates in any way and control your anger. Time is also not good for love life. Be very careful in matters related to love. People in politics may experience benefits.

Your respect will increase in the society. Benefits for merchant class are also on the chart. Changing of Sun’s position can cause problems in your workspace. Some people could be transferred. Also, there can be a dispute with the seniors. Irritability can also come in your nature.

Sun Transit into Cancer July 16, 2018: Read its Effects on Your Zodiac Signs
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