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Sun Transit Aries to Taurus May 15, 2018 – Effect on Your Future

Sun will move to Taurus on 15th May 2018. Sun will be transiting in the star of Sun, Moon, and Mars. This transit will remain till 30 days. Sun transit is most important for making the predictions in stellar astrology. One can predict things by using the transit of the Sun.

Sun Transit Aries to Taurus May 15, 2018

The effect of this transit on the natives of twelve nativities will be:


In the initial phase there will be gains from stocks. You may have some gathering in the family.

  • You may use foul language with your relatives.
  • There will be gains from the government.
  • In the last phase you will have some losses and might have injury due on your face or problems in teeth or eyes.

You will have gains from your assets. People in real estate should be careful in this time.


There will be problems in your married life. You will become a bit hot headed and that may annoy your spouse.Sun Transit Aries to Taurus May 15 Effect on Your Future

  • You will have more hair fall from your body.
  • You may have mild fevers.

There will be expenses on your fulfilling the needs of your spouse and renovating or beautifying your home or other things. Your mother will influence your day to day life.


You will have many travels to do. There will be problems in your written and oral communications.

  • You will be having increased expenses.
  • You may suffer from eye problems.

There will be losses due to people in the government. Chances of sudden injury are ripe in the last phase. You should be careful while driving etc.

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Friends will be very helpful towards you. You will have gains from the government. There will be some minor clash with elder brother.

  • There will be expenses on friends and partying.
  • You will like to be the host for all major occasions.
  • There will be progress in matters of love.

You may fall in love with a magnetic personality of either sex. The native will be very graceful and royal.

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Career will be very progressive. You will have good performance and will out-compete others.

  • You will get the help from your seniors.
  • Your connect with people will be very good.
  • You will be doing long travels and may visit religious places.

You will be having expenses on the higher side. The body temperature will be on the higher side but fevers will not be there.

Sun Transit Aries to Taurus May 2018 - Effect on Your Future


This is not going to be a good period for you. There will be unwanted difficulties in this time.

  • If you are going through the period sub or sub-sub period of Mars then be careful for sure.
  • Luck will not favor you as much as you will want to.
  • There will be wasteful travels to long distances.

Expenses will be done on elders in family and religious deeds. You will not get mental satisfaction.

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Take care of your health and the health of your mother. You will be having problems on all ends. Career will not look so god.

  • You may have some scuffle with fellow worker.
  • There will be less cooperation from seniors.
  • There will be losses from government if you have anything to do with them.

There will be hidden support from people but that won’t be of much help. You will be having mild to major fevers in this time. Motion sickness may also happen in this time.

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There will be issues in your married life. You will have good career progress. There will be help from friends in the time of need.

  • You should not be very skeptical about your spouse.
  • You may have serious disagreements with your business partner.

You may connect with some spiritual person of opposite sex and may have higher attachment. You may meet some religious guru.


There will be a boost in the career of your father. You may have to face the wrath of ill luck you will suffer from stomach related issues.

  • There will be problems in your married life.
  • You may have issues in your love life.
  • You will win over your enemies.

There will be less mental peace in this time. You may face defamation during this time.


There will be emotional problems to you. You will have problem of insomnia temporarily.

  • There will be issues in your married life.
  • You will have help from friends.

There can like someone in this time. You may develop a relationship in this time.

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There will be short travels. You will be having some breathing issues.

  • You may experience heaviness in your heart.
  • You will be having good work progress.
  • You will get support from higher officials.

Your mother may suffer some minor health related issues. You will be doing many short travels.


Your brother will help you. You will have good rapport with your neighbors. There will be short travels related to work.

  • You will have stomach related issues.
  • Married life will be mostly good.
  • Love matters will be progressive.

You will be having gains from multiple sources and luck will be helpful at large.

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Sun Transit Aries to Taurus May 15, 2018 – Effect on Your Future
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