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Love, Sex and Relationships Numerology Compatibility: What numbers say?

Looking for how numbers decide your love sex and relationships? Read the guide below and get the most out of your relationships. Evert number resonates certain planetary energy and they have affect the human lives always.

Love Compatibility according to Numerology

You can observe in your life the magic of numbers and see that whether you believed or not, you were actually following numbers and they followed you. Since almost 1991 I am seeing this number thing in not only my life but also in the life of hundreds of people.

Date of Birth DateNumerology number
1, 10, 19, 281
2, 11, 20, 292
3, 12, 21, 303
4, 13, 22, 314
5, 14, 235
6, 15, 246
7, 16, 257
8, 17, 268
9, 18, 279

Also you can add your complete date of birth in DD/MM/YYYY format and get the total. For example a person born on 20- 10- 1979 will be a number 2 person and so will 20-12-1977. 12-06-1974 will be number 3.

Love Compatibility according to Numerology

The best combination for number 3 is number 2 and the worst combination for number 2 is 5. Number 4 should be avoided in all cases for marriage and relationships. I have seen the pains which people get when they somehow get into relationships and marriage with number 4.

Love and Marriage Predictions for Number 1:

People with number 1 as their number as very passionate people, they do not get influenced easily and usually like to marry someone from their childhood. They do fall in love but they cannot be forced to be in love. They do not compromise. They are practical people. They like to do new things.

Love and Marriage Predictions for Number 2:

They are sensitive people with focus towards their love and family. They do not like physical pleasures much but are more inclined towards emotional pleasure. They do have extreme mood swings and this is the only drawback they might have.

  • They want to have a good understanding with their partner which is very important for them.
  • They listen to their heart when it comes to love, marriage, and relationships.
  • They should communicate more and more with their partners because it is the only way to make things clear with their partners.

These people are very secretive and will always hide their love relationships to the fullest and they will never tell the truth completely ever!!! They keep suffering in their married life for a long time but when they decide to come out of marriage they are unstoppable.

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Love and Marriage Predictions for Number 3:

Number 3 people are practical and generally do not follow their heart. These are ambitious people and are self obsessed. They are not romantic like others and like to dominate their partners. They like to be at the top in whatever they do. These are not very on the surface qualities and one realizes only when one spends time with them.

Love and Marriage Predictions for Number 4:

Number 4 people are somewhat different. They tend to have more relationships outside marriage for sexual pleasures. This is not for all but a small number of percentages do allow their partners to dominate them.

Their extramarital relations are not found because they remain very committed towards their partners even if they have sexual relations outside. Many number 4 people end up in divorce due to their short temper and mostly they do not have a good marital life. People born on 22nd are more loyal towards their partners.

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Love and Marriage Predictions for Number 5:

People with number 5 have many relationships before marriage. They get bore very soon with their partners and they keep changing them. They also try new ways of lovemaking and are very experimental. Sex is very important for them in a relationship. They are wavering people with no particular stand. Number 8 is the best match for them.

Love and Marriage Predictions for Number 6:

This is the number of love and peace. These people have a charming and magnetic personality.

  • They are emotional and may have relations outside marriage due to their physical quests.
  • If they are not emotionally attached to their partners then there is a problem.

They are surrounded by many people of opposite sex due to their charming personality. They are very good in foreplay and lovemaking.

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Love and Marriage Predictions for Number 7:

These people are romantic and like to be thoughtful and romantic. People with this number keep thinking in their mind about what they seek in life. They are very good with number 2 people. They should not live a stressed life. They want to be happy in their personal lives to be successful in their careers. They should communicate more and more with their partners.

Love and Marriage Predictions for Number 8:

People with number 8 are emotional but also strong people. They happen to be the most loyal among all the numbers. Unfortunately, they are the one who suffer a lot due to they are misunderstood the most.

Women of this number do suffer in their marriage. They follow their partners. To get married one should try to marry a number 8 person due to the loyalty factor but number 4 and 8 should never marry each other.

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Love and Marriage Predictions for Number 9:

These people are full of domination and they like to be on the top always. They are emotional but people do not understand their emotions. For them sex is the first priority in any love relationship and things will move ahead only after that.

Sex is supreme most demand of theirs. They also have sexual relations outside of marriage and they are purely for sex. They care for their families a lot but if they do get a chance to get laid they do not hesitate.

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Love, Sex and Relationships Numerology Compatibility: What numbers say?
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