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Mars transits to Scorpio : Know how it will affect you

Mars Transit to Scorpio

Mars is going to transit to Scorpio, its own sign, on 17th January. This year Mars will be getting retrograde and will remain in one sign for a long period but it will leave Scorpio on 7th March for it long abode in Sagittarius.

Mars signifies many things and it is the main planet for courage for a nativity. It will be in Star of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury. It will give varied results to different ascendants.

General effects of this transit would be:

 ARIES : Married life will be disturbed, there will be issues related to health. You may get injury due to some sharp metal. Personal life will consume more time and efforts. Work front will be suffering, you may have to travel to long distances, and that may prove fruitless. There will be delay/defeat in legal matters.

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 TAURUS : Personal life will be creating issues for you. You may think of changing your job, there can be rift with someone in your job. You will have financial losses and your life will be tensed overall. Career front will also be shaky. Business people will suffer heavy losses; those into shares will also perform very bad. Be cautious in this time.

GEMINI : You will get angry soon. Love matters will occupy your thought process for a longer duration. You will dominate over your enemies. You will be more dynamic and aggressive in your approach towards life. Love life will be having bumps.

CANCER : You may suffer from serious ailment. You may have to go away from your home. You may meet with fatal accident. People living on rent may change their residence. Repair work in home may be carried out. You will remain puzzled and may take wrong decisions. Work front will be normal. You will be having losses in speculation.

 LEO : Work progress will be good. You will have many short travels. You will suffer from high BP. Personal life will have problems. Love matters will be good. There will be financial gains to some of you but not to all. You will have some disputes with your father or elders in the family.

VIRGO : Media persons will be doing well in their fields. Publishers, content writers, SEO`s, Typists etc will do well in their profession. Business people will have profits and travels to far off places are also likely. Your Connect with masses will get stronger. Your confidence level will be high.

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LIBRA : Gains are likely to come to you. You will have good rapport with your brothers and sisters. Your literary activities will be productive and will give your financial rewards. Your efforts will give your success in your endeavors.

SCORPIO : Your ascendant lord is in your ascendant and this is a very good thing. Your self confidence will be boosted and your way of doing things will be pushier. Your expenses will be on the rise. Your brother will be helping you out from problems. You may borrow money from him.

SAGITTARIUS : The focus is going to be on you most of the time. You will be doing things related to your selfish motives only. Married life will have problems but not much. You will have gain of money and there will be outflow to the same tune, so there will be either no or very less savings. You will have heart break due to failure in love matters.

CAPRICORN : This is a good period as the lord of fulfillment of desires is in own house. It will give your career wise success but will make you pay more for everything. There will be cooperation from friends and you will be having good time. The only thing you should be focusing is not letting yourself go down by small and silly mistakes.

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AQUARIUS : This is the only ascendant which will be most benefited by this transit. Things will become very easy and you will be wondering how things are changing in your favor. Most of the people will get good results only from this transit. Be it love matter or career or friends, you will not see failure anywhere.

PISCES : There will be initial problems in job front but later they will be sorted out. You will have marital discord. There will be expenses in excess and you will have to do something about it. Overall this transit will be more focused o your work and not much on other things of day to day life.

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Mars transits to Scorpio : Know how it will affect you
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