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Love Life Scorpio 2018: Change Your Focus to Work or Studies

Year 2018 will find Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Libra till 11th October and then to Scorpio. Rahu-Ketu will be in Cancer- Capricorn respectively.

From May to November Mars will be in Capricorn and this is going to be a bad news for many and good for many.

The 5th cusp sub lord holds the key and also the 5th house lord and in your case the 5th house lord Sun holds the key.

Scorpio Love Prediction 2018

Forget love this year but yes you can embrace immoral relations. Misuse of love is what it says might happen with you people in different ways, which will depend mostly upon the nations and cultures.

Love Life Scorpio 2018

Your attitude will be the prime factor in moving away people from you. Those who are looking for a yes may get a yes for a while but then things will simply fade away. You will be heartbroken mostly in your romantic adventures.

People who are having an affair will find it difficult to continue, not all but this will happen with many of you due to many reasons. Your beloved may move away from the town, you may have a liking for someone else, there can be someone else in your beloved’s life, the reasons can be many.

Jupiter Transit 2018 effects

People with Jupiter dasa will really have to suffer in many ways. The same will go with people of Rahu and Saturn dasa. This is specifically for matters of romance.

People with Venus periods will have a better time and also people with other dasas too.

Who will sail through?

Scorpios who will have a respect for their partners and most importantly who will have trust will surely see their relations blooming. You should give space to your partner just like you need for yourself.

Horoscope 2019

Being too dominant will not take you anywhere and things will end up in a bad shape. Even if things are not going as per your wish, just let things take their own flow and wait for the right time.

Love Life Scorpio 2018 in Nutshell

  • Many of you will have to remain heartbroken this year.
  • People with Jupiter dasa should be very careful.
  • Having hidden and immoral relations is possibility.
  • Those who will give respect will sail through.

By Acharya Raman

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