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Jupiter in Vishakha Star: How will it Affect Your Lives?

On 19th December Jupiter entered Vishakha, the constellation owned by Jupiter.  This journey will continue till 9th of March 2018 and then Jupiter will retrograde to Swati 4th quarter and then will get direct on 10th July and start its forward motion.

Jupiter in Vishakha Star

The second phase after retrogression will be more impactful. Libra is an airy and movable sign and represents balance, in reality the fact is just opposite. How can air be in balance!

Jupiter in Vishakha Star How will it Affect Your Lives

However, the effect of this transit various natives would be:


You will have increased expenses; your business will prosper and will reach new milestones. In job career etc you will perform well and will have to do many long travels. Many abroad travels are also likely. There is likelihood of falling in love with a person having religious bent of mind. You will be doling religious things and may do charity.


Career will be smooth; a new job is very much likely in this period. You will be having good gains if in business. You will make good friends and they will be helpful for your career change. Health will not be very good, minor problems will be coming off and on. You will be given preference over others to complete a task. There will be sudden change in your life.


Jupiter will make you think you change your job, career etc. There will be love commencing in your lives. You will be having profits through your advice.

Jupiter Transit 2018

You will be spending a good time in entertainment. Your luck will favor you. You may change your residence if living in rented accommodation.


There may be some health issues to your father. You may do some repairing work for your home. Your career front will be progressive but minor health issues will be coming off and on. If you are a cardiac patient then better be careful. There will be relief from some old diseases to some of you. Some of you may get inheritance.


Natives into media, entertainment, commissions, publishing etc will get utmost benefit of this transit. Your name fame will increase surely and you will get highlighted above others. You will be doing many travels and also may meet with an accident. Friends will be helpful and brothers will be in touch either to help you or get help from you.


Business people will get more money, there will be increase in bank balance, and your weight may also increase. You will be buying costly things and may invest in Gold. The 9th aspect will be on 10th bhava thus your career story will be a happy one and there will be prosperity. Stomach related disorders will be there. You will have good life over all.


Your efforts will be doing things for you. You will be getting ahead in competition and in legal matters you will be favored. Career will be smooth and you will be having name and fame in your field. You will be making money if you are into business. You will be doing great if you are into literary fields, media, and entertainment.


There will be losses in love matters and you will be having sudden expenses to attend to. Hospitalization of someone near and dear will also be giving sad news. You will be having losses in speculation. You may invest in real estate. You may purchase a new vehicle. A sudden mishap awaits for many of you.


A time to cheer as the lord of ascendant is in the 11th house in own star. Your moral will be high, you will have new friends. You will be getting things done quickly for you and others. People in real estate will make exceptional profits. Same will happen to people in the field of agriculture, mass dealing, vehicles etc. Overall a good time awaits you.


Travels and expenses are waiting for you. You will be having losses in speculation. Health related matters will be harassing you a lot. All this will happen but you will still be doing progress in your career. Your connect with seniors will be good. Your reputation will be getting better. The only thing will be that you will have to work harder to maintain your speed and charm.


This will be a good period for you. You will be getting good things going in and those who are unmarried may get married. You may find a good prospect in this time. You will be going to religious places and doing charity. You writing skills will get better and also your oratory skills will get more pronounced. Gains in speculation are likely.


Health needs to your priority and next is your career front. Those who are into business may get sudden profits. Some of you might get inheritance. Some of you might see hospital for a longer time. Many hardships are there in this period so it is better to wait and watch Jupiter moving to Scorpio.

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Jupiter in Vishakha Star: How will it Affect Your Lives?
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