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Astrological Perspective on Early Death in Horoscope

We all are going to die one day and no one can say no to this fact. What differs is the nature of death and the time when we will die.

Astrological Perspective on Early Death in Horoscope

It is not moral to predict death in Astrology but here let us see two horoscopes of people who died in young age or at age when people are not supposed to just die because they have families or whole life ahead.

Astrological Perspective on Early Death in Horoscope

If such things happen then the first impact is on the family of the native and an endless sorrow also creeps in the family of the native which is natural also.

17-07-1995, LUCKNOW, 21:35

Early death in horoscope

How to Predict Death from Horoscope

The native died on 4th December 2017 in the dasa of Mercury, antara of Jupiter and pratyantara of Mercury itself.

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Why mercury does become so fatal for him? For Aquarius ascendant Mercury is the lord of 5th and 8th house and where 5th house is very positive, 8th is the house of death. Mercury is in own sign, it is aspected by no planet and is conjoined by Venus- the 9th lord. But for Aquarius, 9th house is the badhaka house.

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This mercury is in star of Rahu and is in sub of Moon. Rahu is placed in 8th house. The house of death.

Jupiter is another maraka planet for Aquarius ascendant being lord of 2nd house. It is in Saturn star and Mars sub. Jupiter is also aspecting moon and Saturn in the horoscope. Moon is a malefic for Aquarians because of the ownership of 6th house.

Thus a young life met this brutal death by accident in the dasa of ashtamaesha and maraka combination.

8th February 1981, Bareilly, 3:00 am

early death prediction by acharya raman

Died in month of November 2017 at age of 36. He died of Brain hemorrhage.  Mahadasha of ketu was on and the antara of Moon was operational.

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The ascendant sub lord is rahu placed in 8th bhava, directly connected with death and thus decreasing longevity. The antar dasa was of badhaka (moon) and dasa was of ketu which is conjoined Venus (12th lord) and Sun and aspected by Maraka planet Jupiter and ketu is 8th cusp sub lord.

Again we see that maraka, badhaka, 8th, and 12th house connection gave early death to the native.

Astrological Perspective on Early Death in Horoscope
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