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2018 Mercury Transits – Mesha to Vrishabha (27th May 2018)

Mercury will move to Taurus, sign ruled by his friend who is going Gemini. Mercury transit is not for long but it has its own implications. The effect of this transit will be there in small to big proportions. It will be in the stars of Sun, Moon and Mars.

2018 Mercury Transits – Mesha to Vrishabha

2018 Mercury Transits Mesha to Vrishabha

1) ARIES: You may ask for financial help from someone, there are chances that you may start doing exercises to lose weight. You may get help from your neighbors. Your communication skills may get you some monies.

2) TARUS: You may get some money from relatives. You will be having good love life. There will be expenses on your spouse or love partner. There will be short travels for recreation. There can be minor misunderstanding with spouse.

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3) GEMINI: You may meet with sudden failure; there will be increase in expenses. You may spend on abroad travels. There can be losses in legal matters. Try postponing the court dates.

4) CANCER: You may spend time with your brothers and sisters. There will be expenses on travels, recreation, and purchases of gadgets. You will be having gains from the people in the government. There will be gains to business people.

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5) LEO: This is going to be a very excellent period. The lord of 2 and 11 will be in the 10th house and nothing can be much better than this. You will have support from everywhere and there will be overall prosperity for you.

2018 Mercury Transits zodiac effects

6) VIRGO: There is possibility of acute stomach problem. Be very careful in your eating habits. You will be having pain in the intestine in this period. You will be doing long travels. There is very possibility of going to a religious place and if you are a Hindu then you may visit some temple of lord Vishnu.

7) LIBRA: There will be initial setback in your efforts. You may suffer due to health issues. There will be problem in your married life. You will be having various small issues to handle in your work place. You may face wrath of ill luck for a very small time.

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8) SCORPIO: You will be going away due to your work. There will be minor issues in your married life. You will have quarrels and fights for useless reasons. Your aggression may land you in trouble. Try to keep a cool head and let this time go away.

9) SAGITTARIUS: Love life will have multiple issues. You will suffer from health problems related to skin or stomach or ears. You will be having sudden setbacks in your work or business. There will be fewer chances of things happening in the positive way. You will have to wait and watch how things will be taking shape.

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10) CAPRICORN: You will have problems in your love life. You will be having failures in competitive exams. There will be some issue in your job an d you may think to quit the job or you may be given a different role to perform in your office. Business people will have losses and setbacks. Possibility of a small wound on head or face is likely.

11) AQUARIUS: You will have some issues related to your love life. You will enjoy the pleasure of union. You will be having good progress in your career. Business people will get new customers. You will have some minor obstacles in your job but your determination will overcome all of them you will be having strong will power in this time but you may make some wrong decisions.

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12) PISCES: You will be moving away from your residence for a while. There will be enjoyments with your spouse. The chances of changing you are rented residence are also ripe. You will have financial gains through friends or your relatives. You may fell ill in your travels due to bad food habits.

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2018 Mercury Transits – Mesha to Vrishabha (27th May 2018)
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