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Venus will be Transiting into Cancer on August 21, How it will affect You

Venus will be entering Cancer on 21st August. Here rahu and mars will be present to welcome him. The presence of rahu is going to give a negative impact and for few days Mars is also going to be there. Let us see what the impact is going to happen on the 12 ascendants:


There will be differences with the spouse, mostly on stupid things, things which are nonexistent. There will be some movement in matters related to your immovable assets. You may spend money on wrong things. Business people may suffer sudden losses.

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Slip of tongue is what you should be careful about. You will do well in your career if you are into some kind of performing arts, sports, media etc. You may have an illicit relationship in this time. But be careful with your ego and boasting habits. You may land up in trouble due to your speech.

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You will be incurring losses in business if you are into any. Love matters will not be very productive. You will have sad outcomes in matters of romance. You may have some problem in performing physical acts of pleasure. You may have some minor wound or pain in the left eye.

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You will have multiple thoughts going on in your mind, sometimes you will be happy with the person, and then you will be angry at the same person for no reason. You will have good time with your friends but there is possibility of quarrel with them too. So be careful while going out for parties with friends. You vehicle may get dysfunctional suddenly.

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Abroad travels are likely and losses there are likely. You work related issues will get delayed. You may have scuffle with a native of opposite sex. You will be spending on lavish things. You may not be able to present yourself properly in the interviews. Business deals may not fructify as per your aspirations.

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Friends may borrow money from you, it will be better not to give money to them. You may have some travel to religious place. You may have minor accident. You will be making money through illegal ways. Business people will see profits coming in. Working people will find things easy to handle.


Work related issues may crop up, you may have harsh talks in the workplace. There will be some incident which may dent your reputation. You should be careful from people as there can be a conspiracy of sorts against you.

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You may have difference of opinion with your friends. You may go for long travels. Abroad is also an option. You may have friendship and more with people from other religion and country in this period. There can be some serious differences with seniors in the family or in your study circle.


You may have to go through some serious issue in your work place. Defamation is very likely. You may suddenly feel choked financially. Things that were looking simple will come to a halt. Health issue will be another thing to look after. You may be given a task which you may fail to accomplish in due time.


A good time is surely coming for you. Love matters will be positive. You will see growth in your business. Career wise too the time is good. You will you will have a good feel inherently and may spend money on recreation, travel, outings with friends or family. Some new friends may be made in this time and your relations will improve with people around you.


Beware on the day Venus will shift, at-least for 2-3 days don’t do outrageous things. Live life simply and let go things which do not matter much.  You will be spending on short travels; you may borrow money from friends. There is possibility of quarrel with low class people.

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Have a check on your emotional side. There can be some problems in your love life. You may have to go for travels which will prove futile. There can be some issues with your children like fever or bruises etc. Take care of your health too as you may suffer from digestive disorders.

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Venus will be Transiting into Cancer on August 21, How it will affect You
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