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Sun Transit in Cancer, How this transit will affect the lives of 12 ascendants

Sun Transit in Cancer on 16th July and One of the luminaries, Sun transit to cancer on 16 July, will be there for a month. Sun is the most static when its motion is concerned and thus it is used extensively by astrologers to pin point events which are asked by their clients.

Practically speaking, the transit of Sun has implications but they are more mundane in nature and not very prominent on individuals until unless the person is going through the dasha of Sun.

How this transit will affect the lives of natives of 12 ascendants

                                    Aries : Troubles in love life

There will be problems in your love matters. Misunderstanding and false ego could be the culprits. You need to take care of your intimate relations carefully. Those having cardiac issues should be careful. You should not be more egoistic at your work place otherwise your relations with your superiors will become worse.

                                  Taurus : Overall Good

Travels will be there and most of them will be fruitless. You may get help from your neighbors or younger siblings in making some money. If you are into some kind of internet related vocation then this will be a good time for you. Work progress will be good largely. You will do some things in a better way and may get appreciated. Business people will be having a good time.

                                Gemini : Good for all bad for none

Work related progress is there. You will be doing things in a great spirit. You will have good relations with your coworkers. In spite of all this you will be lacking something in you and that will make you uneasy. Sometimes you will get the feeling that luck is not on your side and unrest will be there. There will be increase in money and a good time for business people overall.

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                                Cancer : Stop thinking too much

Lots of thinking about the past may come in your mind. You may become rigid for a while. Your nature will become less tolerant and accommodating. Love matters will not be feasible at this juncture. Losses in funds and shares are very likely.  You will be inviting expenses yourself and later feel bad about it.

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                              Leo : Lukewarm response from luck

Things will not seem to fall into place us usual. You will not have good relations with people you know and things may seem to be dragging away from you. Gains from shares and old funds is likely so something to cheer about.  Something related to your immovable assets may happen. You may have to be away from your home for a while.  Luck may not give you your share easily.

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                               Virgo: Little discomfort on its way

Friends will not be much helpful. It will be better not to put much trust on them as of now. You will have to make more efforts than usual to get things moving. Your love life and married life are going to be satisfactory. You will be having peace of mind for few days as long as Sun will be in the star of Jupiter. Later, things will be somewhat uncomfortable. Even in all of this, there will be trips and bits and joy and happiness and gain of money will be there.

                                            Libra: Remain Cool

Career wise this is going to be good time. You will have good relations with your peers. There will be some differences in your married life. You will have some sudden expenses on either travel or medication of someone in the family. Your aggression may become a hurdle for you to communicate properly with others.

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                                      Scorpio: Good Times Ahead

There will be things happening in a positive way for you. You will have help from your friends and elders in the family. You will have a good time mostly. You will make new friends and you will have good time with them. Your business connections will increase to far off places. You may have long travels for your work of business. Love matters will be positive in this time.

                                   Sagittarius : Attitude spoils relations

This is a time when you should hold your aggression and fire for seeking and telling the truth. Work related things will be good for some days but later things will be getting misbalanced. Expenses are also going to take their toll on you and your attitude will be a problem for you and for people who know you well.

                                   Capricorn: Caution!!!

Personal life will not be satisfactory. You will have to be adjusting and accommodating. Mars is already there in your 7th bhava and sun will add up to spoil the things. Luck factor will be missing for some time and may leave you bewildered. Friends will be of help and counsel if you ask them to be so. Business people should be careful from their partners.

                                Aquarius: Health is wealth

Personal life will be full of confusions and you will have to bear the wrath of the planets in this regard. Some old disease may trouble you. Take care of your liver and pancreas. Work will be going good and some opportunity may come your way. Do not take it as it will be a bad move as of now. Love matters will be deceptive.

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                           Pisces: Take care of your kids

Love matters will be disappointing. There will be losses in speculation. Business people will have better time than salaried ones. You will have high hopes and initially they will be fulfilled but later there will be problems. You should not put your trust blindly on your business partners.  Your kids may have minor health issues and fevers. You may suffer from stomach problems.

By Acharya Raman

Sun Transit in Cancer, How this transit will affect the lives of 12 ascendants
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