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Mars Transit in Leo, Effects on You

Mars will be transiting to Leo on 27th august and coming out of debilitation. It will come in to the sign of his close friend and into a fiery sign which suits the nature of mars too.

They both in this sign will make things worse for the humans as too much of heat and activity is not good. There can increase in problems which are already happening across the world and no respite will be there.

On natives the general effects of Mars Transit in Leo could be as follows:

                                                     Aries: Stay Healthy

Love matters will be disappointing. There can be some problems at work. You will be having disputes with your business partner. You may have injury in your lower body. You will be suffering from acute stomach problems. There can be a break up in your love affair.

                                                   Taurus: Wait for the right time

Those looking to get operated should hold their plans for a while. People with cardiac and breathing problems should take proper medication. You may suffer from heartburns due to gastric problems thus keep a proper diet. Short travels will be there and they will not be giving any fruits. Love matters will be having confusion of all sorts.

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                                                            Gemini: Happy days 🙂

People into media, travel, and tourism, creative fields will have a good time. There will be progress in your career and you will become popular. What should be kept in mind is don’t get too boasting about yourself otherwise be ready for reverse too. No one wants to hear or talk to egoistic people.

                                                            Cancer:Good for some

A good combination in transit is happening for the people into politics and business. Gain of money is there and there are also good chances of huge investments somewhere. You may spend money on travels and friends. There might be some issues with your relatives.

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                                                               Leo: Control !!!

Keep a check on your anger and dominance. You may have minor to major headaches and sleep disorders. You will not be in a position to take logical conclusions over things and thus it will be better to wait for some time. Gain of money is there and also enjoyment with friends is there. Personal life however seems to be disturbed for some time.

                                                            Virgo: Happy Go lucky time

A very nice yoga is there in transit for you, if you are looking to do something big then go for it with full force you will achieve it. You will be preferred in place of someone else in giving assignments at your work place. You may get the government tender if you have applied for any. You will make money but the catch is that your personal life will be disturbed. You should not get rash in your communications in your personal life.

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                                                            Libra: Good times 🙂

You will have all the goodness in this time. There will be new things happening in your life and you will enjoy the time. You will have mild disturbances in your personal life but overall it will be good only. You will be going great in your work and will be doing things before the schedule. Friends will be helpful. There will be gain of wealth and you will be happy.

                                                            Scorpio: Enjoy it

Lagnesh will be going in the 10th house in a friendly zone. It is going to be a good thing for sure. It will be joining the 10th house lord Sun there. You will have a good time in your career and will feel an energy which will make you do things you were delaying from some time. You will be getting the help from people you want and this will be a good period overall.

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                                 Sagittarius: Belief system overhauling

The matters of emotions and care will become more intense. You will make some long travels. Money will be wasted on fruitless travels. You will have some heated arguments with your father and other elders. You will do some religious deeds. Travel to holy place is also likely. You may find a new friend in this period.

                                                            Capricorn: Out of control 🙁

There will be some hidden gains. You will see help coming from unexpected quarters. Matters related to property may give you some trouble. Sale of property may get delayed. Personal life will be troubled. You will have miscommunications which will lead to scuffle at home. You may get troubled by some old disease.

                                                 Aquarius:Married life not good 🙁

There will be some business related travels. People into business will be more profited than people into jobs. Married life may give some jerks due to the placement of two cruel planets in the same house with the 8th lord. Though it is the house of sun but there will be no respite due to this fact. Your own nature will be more aggressive and harmful for yourself.

                                                            Pisces:So so Life

You will be able to get loan in this period. Luck will not favor much and there can some mishap which may cause disrepute to you. You will win over enemies but they will also try their best to harm you. Romantic matters will not be very pleasing.

By Acharya Raman

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Mars Transit in Leo, Effects on You
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