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Sports Prediction is possible

Yes, you read it correct!!! It is really possible to predict to a fair extent about the outcome of a sport event. Astrovidhi had predicted the outcome of many cricket matches in the year 2015 and 2016 and this year too we are going to give the predictions absolutely free for popular sports event like IPL and Champions Trophy.

The eminent astrologers of astrovidhi have been predicting the results of IPL, BIG BASH, Ashes, CPL, Champions Trophy since last 5-6 years and they have been doing it with fair accuracy. Of course no one can be 100% accurate, because then he will be a supernatural entity but the percentage is fairly good.

There are countries where sports betting are illegal but in many countries it is legal. We at astrovidhi simply intend to promote astrology and we do not entertain or endorse any illegal activity in the name of Sports or any other thing. If you wish to know the results you can take sports prediction report from us but you should be from a country where it is legal to do betting etc.

Krishnamoorthy Paddhati or KP system of astrology is used to predict the outcome of sports events and it is a very scientific and logical system of astrology. The horary branch of this system is used to come to the result of the outcome.

By Acharya Raman


Sports Prediction is possible
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