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Rudra Parad Mala
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Rudra Parad Mala

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Rudra Parad Mala

We all very well know that Rudraksha and Mercury are very close to Lord Shiva. He likes Rudraksha very much. The goodness which one gets by donating many cows or wealth or taking a dip in the holy rivers is nothing when compared to just watching a holy rudraksha. In Shiv Puraana, parad or mercury is told as semen of Lord Shiva. The person who worships shivalinga of Mercury or Parad Shivlinga never faces dearth of any kind and is protected from evils like untimely death.

Rudra parad rosary is a combination of the two which has many good effects on the wearer:

The wearer of this rosary reaches to shiva loka after his demise and he enjoys all the worldly pleasures as long as he is alive.

One looking to make more and more wealth should use this rosary to chant hymns of Goddess lakshmi and Lord shiva.

This rosary mitigates the ill effects of kaal sarpa dosha and mangal dosha too so if you have these dosha in your chart then you should definitely wear this rosary.

Rudraksha beads have carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen in them which gives a very good spiritual boost to the mind of the wearer.

How to use:

After getting this Rudra Parad Mala you should keep it in your place of worship and wear it from the next day. Even if you do now wish to wear it, you can keep it in your worship place for long.


Why Buy from Us:

Our Vedic Brahmins recite the hymns of Lord Shiva on this rosary to make it very effective and when you will wear it you will feel the difference after some days.

Rs. 2200.00