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Natal effect of Mars in signs

Mars in Aries
This position of Mars makes a native very hot headed. They believe in action and not in words. They get angry soon but do not remain angry for long. They don’t like to live in past and feel bad for long about things or people. They decide things very fast and do not care much about the afte...   read more
Mars in Taurus
People with this placement of Mars are usually calm and calculative. They have lot of stamina to hold on and wait. Usually they do not lose temper but when they are provoked then you better run away. They like to have material possessions and valuables. They are sensual but they may take time to ...   read more
Mars in Gemini
Natives with Mars placed in Gemini want life to be full of new things every day. They do not have a great focus on things and get bored soon if they do not have much to do. They are really energized when there are one or more things to do. They use words as their weapon. They have a very strong w...   read more
Mars in Cancer
People with this placement of Mars are usually are more inward in their aggression. They try to avoid direct confrontations. They can be bit slowly in their things because they want to be sure before they start to act on things or projects. They are very persistent people and this is their main s...   read more
Mars in Leo
The native possess ego with this placement of Mars. They want to be seen as significant person in any group or activity. They are sure that they are born for a grand purpose. They do take risks but also have a strong reasoning power in them.  They act with a sense of pride, power and authori...   read more
Mars in Virgo
People with Mars in Virgo are quite practical and focused on their future goals. They can do many things at a time with finesse. They like to find out faults but they do not push themselves on others. They do not remain angry for long. They may get nervous very soon. They can be very secretive ab...   read more
Mars in Libra
These people defer things a lot just to make sure that when they finally do it, it will be the right thing. They will always try to make their point and make one feel that they are the correct ones. They will always say that they have done nothing and there is no fault done by them. They can also...   read more
Mars in Scorpio
Natives with this placement of Mars are brave souls. They will always try to do the impossible and have immense willpower. They have a developed sixth sense and they use it very often. They do not lose their cool in public even though they may be stormy inside. They do not trust people easily and...   read more
Mars in Sagittarius
People with Mars in this sign usually take up many assignments but they do not complete all of them. When they get angry they start behaving like someone not normal personality. They will always put current plans in dustbin if they get better ones thus going to the middle and leaving things in mi...   read more
Mars in Capricorn
People with this placement of Mars are very calculative. They have a very controlled life style. They like to keep a low profile. They are very focused and hardworking tribe. They have very clear idea about what they have to do in their life and usually they achieve it. They strive to secure thei...   read more
Mars in Aquarius
People with this Mars want freedom; it is not easy for one to push them hard. They will simply not accept it. They always try to do things differently than others and amuse people with it. They don’t like to be seen as normal humans and they will always change their ways to remain not so no...   read more
Mars in Pisces
They are the people who are never direct in their life and they usually follow rather than make others follow them. These natives will not try to change things in their life and rather will let things happen. They are mostly so confused about themselves that they hardly know what they want in the...   read more Protection Status