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Winner of Big Boss -9 Astrology Prediction

Dear readers, big boss show is now on its end. I have never seen any episode neither I ever will. These are stupid and time wasting shows and why people watch them in first place is out of my mind. But there is a curiosity in general that who will win the show so I am using the method of Astro-numerology which was given by Shree Hasbe ji who was Guruji of Legendary KP Astrologer Shree Suresh Sahasne ji. Unfortunately both are no more in this world. I am casting the time chart of now to see who will be the possible winner:

Date: 22-1-2016

Time: 14:01:02

Place: New Delhi

Horoscope 2019


As per the media news and people opinion, Some Mr Prince Narula is on the highest score and then One Irani Woman Mandna Karimi is there and then rishabh sinha and then Rochelle rao is the sequence we get as per their attained marks or points. Some Tarot reader has also predicted the win of Mandna Karimi. So the point wise tally is:

  • Prince Narula
  • Mandna Karimi
  • Rishabh Sinha
  • Rochelle Rao

Below is the horoscope:


Lagna: Taurus = 9

Moon Star: Rahu = 9

Moon Rashi: Gemini = 9

Day: Friday = 9

Janam Kundali


The Total is 18 because we have excluded the Retrograde Mercury. The total is 9. Our options are 4 only so we will minus 4 out of 9 and we will get 5. We have to again substract 4 and the resultant is 1. Thus the person at number 1 will be the winner as per this system.

Conclusion: Prince Narula will be the winner.

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