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WILL Hanamanthappa Koppad BE ABLE TO RECOVER

Indian Army Lance Naik

Army Lance Naik Hanamanthappa Koppad of 19 Battalion, Madras Regiment, was found buried in the snow and army had rescued him. Today prime minister himself went to see him in the army hospital. I salute to the bravery of Indian Army and sentiments of this country and the Prime minister. He is trending in top 10 on twitter shows there is soul left in the youth of this country and not everyone is as ugly and selfish like those politicians who do not want this nation to progress. #SiachenMiracle is the hashtag.

My office colleague picked up number 143, I gave him the box because of his pious and sincere mentality. Below is the horoscope for the same:

Horoscope 2019


Hanamanthappa KoppadIn the horoscope, moon is in 4th house in Mars star and own sub.

Will the person survive: In the horoscope, the ascendant sub lord is significator of houses 1,2,8,12. The sixth cusp sulord is significator of houses 1,2,8,12. The ascendant is Libra which is a movable one and thus the 11th bhava lord is the badhaka for this ascendant.

KP Rule says that “if the ascendant sub lord or the 6th cusp sublord is significator of maraka or badhaka houses the the native does not survive the disease or physical threat”.

Janam Kundali


The ascendant is occupied by Saturn. It will be a deciding planet also. It is in mercury star. Mercury signifies 3,9,11 and Saturn signifies 1,4 houses thus the total signification of Saturn will be 1,3,4,9,11.

Ruling Planets: The ruling planets at the time of judgment are

Ls- Rahu

L- Mercury

S- Mars

R- Saturn

D- Mars

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Mars has come twice in the RP and is a stronger planet than Saturn.As per the rule, the chances of survival of the lance nayak are not much but since he has been saved by a miracle and I see God`s will that he survives So I personally feel that he will survive but it may take some time and he may develop some permanent problem. I can only pray with my heart that he comes out of hospital fully well and healthy and joins his duty once again.

As far as the predictive part is concerned – It will be very difficult for doctors to keep him alive but since this is a miracle so let us expect miracle and I am hopeful that we will get good news soon. May God bless him always.

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By Acharya Raman

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