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Venus Transits from Vrishabha to Mithuna, May 14, 2018 (Monday) – Effects on You

Venus is going to come into Gemini. The effect Venus transit in Gemini will be felt by one and all. Although the transit of inner planets is not for long but still in short sojourn Venus bestows goodness to some and takes it away from some.

Venus Transits Vrishabha to Mithuna May


There are chances of new love matters coming up in your life. Marital life will be smooth and enjoyable. There are chances of short trips for fun and entertainments.


There will be income from your ventures. You may buy precious metals. There will be more liking towards seweets. Addictied people may increase their quota or quantity.

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A happy feel be there in you. Your sense of humor will be get elevated. You will be having humorous outlook towards things and be more questioning. Your communication will become more smooth and soothing .


There will be spending of costly things. There will be increase in your expenses. You might take a leisure trip. There will be more inclination towards bodily pleasures.


You may befriend natives of opposite sex. You will get help from your friends and things will become easier due to them. You will have things going smooth to a fair extent. Overall this will be a good transit.

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You will be doing religious deeds. There will be long travels,. You may spend of religion and do charities. There can be gain of money in travels, knowledge, or religion. You will help others in this time.


You will be having some tension at work place. There can be dispute with elders in the family. You may show disrespect to your elders. You will be doing long travels and may spend more than required in it.

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There will be expense due to your secret activities. You may have to spend more on your life partner. There will be problems in marital life. Love matters will be remaining as it is. Your interest will be more into sexual pleasures rather than spiritual ones. You may hear some bad news.


There will be overall goodness. You will have gains and success. There will be goodness in personal life. There will be gains through your partners. Your business will earn money. In job you will perform very well.

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This transit may bring the thoughts to change your job. You will have some or other problem in your job. There can be losses in business. Personal life may not remain so good. You will be more inwardly than outwardly in this time.


There can be some romantic activity from your end. You will try to give good thoughts to people and tell them the right thing to do. There may be some platonic relation developing in this period. You will be having more interest in entertainment and frolic.

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There can be some problem with your vehicle. It may need servicing and overhauling. Health of seniors may deteriorate. Overall atmosphere in home will be jovial and happy.

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Venus Transits from Vrishabha to Mithuna, May 14, 2018 (Monday) – Effects on You
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