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Saturn Transit 2019 – Read How it will Affect Your Life and Career

Saturn is considered malefic planet. It is associated with bad luck and hard times. But Saturn is the Teacher god. It punishes you for your bad deeds and rewards you for your hard work.

Saturn Transit 2019

Saturn transits are considered period of mental stress, health related issues and misfortune. But, the transit also requires you to be spiritual, hard working and understand life.


The Judge planet Saturn will remain in Sagittarius during Saturn transits 2019. It will retrograde in Sagittarius on 30th April and will prograde again in same sign on 18th September. The planet will remain combusted till 20th January and later will combust on 27th December 2019.

Saturn planet will hold this position in Sagittarius till 31st January 2020. Astrologers predict that the transit of Saturn planet will affect every moon sign. For some it may bring auspicious results and for some it may bring malefic results.

In any event the Saturn Transit 2019 will be full of ups and downs. Let us see how 12 zodiac signs will be affected by Saturn transit in 2019.

2019 Saturn Transit in Scorpio effects on Capricorn zodiac

Saturn Transit 2019 Effect on Aries

Saturn will be positioned in 10th and 11th house in year 2019. The Saturn transit 2019 may not bring auspicious results for you.

  • Your income will Decline during the transit.
  • Your Younger Sibling needs extra care during this period.
  • Your enemies give you a hard time.
  • Your bad behavior may attract more troubles.
  • Your expenses as they may increase bringing extra pressure on you.

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Your growth will depend on the hard work and consistent efforts. Positivity is the key for you during this period. Control your bad behavior.

2019 Saturn Transit in Scorpio effects on Taurus zodiac


The planet Saturn will be visiting in 9th and 10th house in year 2019 for Taurus Zodiac sign. The transit will bring challenges to business and finances.

  • You may have to bear sudden losses due to Saturn transit.
  • Your father requires your care the most during this period.
  • Take care of your child’s education.
  • Time isn’t right for making any new investments.
  • After October you may face some setbacks.
  • Don’t get into any arguments with anyone or you may suffer later.
  • Work will be your priority but you should maintain a balance between work and family.
  • Try to avoid making any Investment.

Despite the setbacks the period between June and October might bring you new opportunities in work.

2019 Saturn Transit in Scorpio effects on Gemini zodiac

Saturn Transit 2019 effect on Gemini

Saturn transit in 8th and 9th house will bring mostly positive results for Gemini Zodiac sign in year 2019.

  • Your mother’s health may deteriorate during the Saturn transit 2019.
  • The time is good for making new investments.
  • A balance between family life and professional life is necessary for prosperity and happiness.
  • You may win any legal cases which are troubling you for long. Or some disputes may be resolved bring positive results for you.
  • You will grow in professional life as well as personally.
  • Enjoy spending time with your family.
  • Take care of your mother.
  • You can try investing.

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Overall the period will bring you happiness and peace in every form.

2019 Saturn Transit in Scorpio effects on cancer zodiac


Saturn planet will transit in 7th and 8th house for Cancer Zodiac sign in year 2019. You must stay calm during all the situations.

  • Your health might deteriorate during the period.
  • Saturn transit will bring ill effects on your siblings.
  • You will have to travel regularly during this time.
  • It might take a toll on your health.
  • The transit will bring stress to you.
  • Stay away from getting into arguments with anyone during this transition.
  • Regular checkups will protect you from any health related issues.
  • You must spend more time with your friends. This will help you keep calm and peaceful.

It is important that you try to relax and get involved in yoga or religious activities.

2019 Saturn Transit in Scorpio effects on leo zodiac


Saturn planet will transit in the 6th and 7th house in Saturn transit 2019 for Leo Zodiac sign.

  • Students will perform well in exams during this period.
  • The time is favorable for starting a new business.
  • Those who are employed can expect promotions, job change and professional growth.
  • There aren’t any health related problems during this transition.
  • You might be successful in taking love relation to marriage. Your married life will be full of romance.
  • There is no big issue on your health but you should have to maintain your healthy lifestyle.
  • You will grow financially but you must check on your expenses.

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Spend some quality time with your family. Try not to fight with you Girl Friend or spouse.

2019 Saturn Transit in Scorpio effects on vigro zodiac


  • Students may be troubled with lack of concentration.
  • the time is not right to make any new investments in business.
  • Constant work pressure will make you stressed.
  • You might see a change in your residence.
  • Your interest in spirituality will increase.
  • Constant work pressure will make you stressed.
  • Regular exercise, yoga and meditation might be helpful.
  • Try not to do any investments.
  • Hard work is the key for your growth.
  • You will feel good with your involvement in religious activities. Try to indulge in it.

An unhealthy lifestyle needs to be checked in the first place or you might catch some diseases. Saturn god will bless with good results to those who work hard.

2019 Saturn Transit in Scorpio effects on Libra zodiac

Libra Prediction after Saturn Transit 2019

In Saturn transit 2019 Saturn planet will be positioned in 4th and 5th house for Libra Zodiac sign. 4th house represents vehicle and happiness and 5th house is for learning and parenthood.

  • Students will get good opportunities for higher studies this year. And they will perform well in exams too.
  • This time is considered good for expanding business. Business will flourish and bring financial gains.
  • Your will be confident and ready to make new investments.
  • Existing investments may yield positive results.
  • Long distance travels are on the chart for Libra sign.
  • Your expenses might increase as well.

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A regular life routine, healthy diet, regular exercise and meditation will help you in staying healthy.

2019 Saturn Transit in Scorpio effects on Scorpio zodiac


Saturn transit 2019 in 3rd and 4th house will bring lots of ups and downs for you.

  • You might be financially stable during this time.
  • Work may keep you away from family and friends. But, it is for your financial stability only.
  • Foreign trips and long distance travels are on the chart this year. Also financial gains from investments are expected during this transition.
  • The need of the time is to work harder. Only with hard work you will overcome this time.

It is advisable for you to stay away from any arguments. It is necessary that you control your speech and don’t get aggressive. Your temper might get you in trouble otherwise.

2019 Saturn Transit in Scorpio effects on sagittarius zodiac

Sagittarius Prediction after Saturn Transit 2019

Saturn will be positioned in 2nd and 3rd house for Sagittarius Zodiac sign in Saturn transit 2019. 2nd house represents wealth and family. And 3rd house is for siblings and relations.

  • You might feel full of energy during this period.
  • Stress can be a problem during the transit. It would be best for all if you take a break from regular life and work.
  • Your siblings will shine in their fields.
  • Spouse health can decline during Saturn Transit. And it may affect your relation.
  • small regular investments may yield profits.
  • You must utilize the opportunities.
  • You need to take care of your spouse’s health.
  • you too need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • calm mind, understanding and sweet tone will set everything right.

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Regular exercise, meditation and a healthy diet will keep you out of health related troubles. If you want to be safe from ill effects of Saturn then you must stay away from non-vegetarian food and alcohol during the transit.

2019 Saturn Transit in Scorpio effects on Capricorn zodiac


Saturn will transit in 2nd house and will be rising in power for Capricorn Zodiac sign.

  • The Saturn transit 2019 will bring opportunities for students who want to study abroad.
  • There may be growth in professional life but obstacles will be present too.
  • Teacher planet will punish those indulged in illegal activities during this period.
  • persistent efforts and hard work you will achieve success.
  • You must maintain a balance between income and expenditure during this time.
  • Work may require you to travel abroad.
  • Keep a check on what you eat.

Regular work out and a healthy diet will keep you safe from wrath of Saturn.

2019 Saturn Transit in Scorpio effects on Aquarius zodiac


Saturn will transit in 12th house of expenditure, hospital or longevity. Saturn will bring very favorable time for Aquarius Zodiac sign in Saturn transit 2019.

  • Your health will improve during this period. You will feel better, mentally and physically.
  • Romance in your married life will increase.
  • You will get new opportunities at work. These will take you to new career heights.
  • During this period your inclination towards spiritual activities will increase significantly.
  • Business will yield good profits during the transit.
  • Students must concentrate on their studies only during the time.

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You must stop expecting too much from your spouse. Spend your time in spiritual activities and it will bring you peace.

2019 Saturn Transit in Scorpio effects on Pisces zodiac

Saturn Transit 2019 Effect on Pisces

Saturn will govern 11th and 12th house for Pisces zodiac sign in Saturn Transit 2019. 11th house symbolizes income and growth and 12th house is for expenditure and hospitals. Saturn will be reward you for your hard work in 2019. As well as punish you for your deeds.

  • You will have quality time with your family during the period.
  • For your rest of the family this time could be considered fairly well.
  • The transition will not bring monetary rewards for you.
  • Shani bhagwan wants you to work really hard for success.
  • You income will increase but your expenditures will rise too.

You may get a better job offer. Switching jobs will be auspicious. You must learn to let small things go Or you may have to deal with misunderstandings in marital life.

During this time you should save for future to avoid any unpleasant situation. This time could not be considered good for making any investments.
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Saturn Transit 2019 – Read How it will Affect Your Life and Career
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