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New Zealand vs West Indies 2nd ODI Astrology Prediction

Cricket is the most popular sport played at national and international level. It is liked and passionately watched by all the age groups.

New Zealand West Indies 2nd ODI Astrology Prediction

It is a game played with a bat and a ball with a common aim of winning by scoring maximum runs. There are two teams each having 11 players.

New Zealand vs West Indies 2nd ODI Astrology Prediction

Later in the 19th and 20th century, the game spread to countries of the British Empire and consequently became popular in England, Australia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, New Zealand, West Indies and many other countries.

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New Zealand West Indies 2nd ODI Match Prediction

Cricket is played in various formats ranging from T20 played for over a few hours with each team playing 20 overs wearing club or team colours to Test matches played over for five days with unlimited overs (normally 90 overs a day) and with each team playing two innings. Besides these formats, one-day Internationals are also played within teams with each team playing 50 overs.

This form is much shorter than the existing forms of cricket and is cherished by the viewers widespread. T20 had raised the bar in term of fitness levels of all the players irrespective of the role they play in the team.

An enthusiast gave me number 105 for West Indies.  The 6th cusp is the prime house to judge the winner. The 6th cusp sub lord here is Mercury placed in 3rd house. It is in the star of Mercury placed in 3rd bhava.


Winner: West Indies win.

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New Zealand vs West Indies 2nd ODI Astrology Prediction
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