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Will Narendra Modi be re-elected as Prime Minister in 2019

Dear Readers, Today I am going to analyze the most hot topic of the country. Will Namo win in 2019. The media is in full swing according to their owners directives.

While some are saying good for the government, others are not doing so and for obvious reasons. I am not going into all that as being an astrologer I have to simply focus on what is being told by the horoscope.

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Will Narendra Modi win in 2019?

I took horary number 153 with question, will Narendra Modi be the Prime minister in 2019.

As per KP, if the 6th cusp sub lord is a significator of any of 6th 10th or 11th house then the native wins and if it is significator of 4,5 or 12th house then the opponent wins.

In the horoscope, the 6th cusp sub lord is Moon placed in 9th house. It is in star of Ketu. As per kp any planet posited in the star of shadow planets becomes the significator of houses of which these shadow planets are.


The rule for Shadow planets is that they will signify houses:

  1. They are posited in
  2. If a planet is aspecting shadow planets then they will become significators of the houses of such planet.
  3. If any planet is conjunct then they will signify the houses of that planet too.
  4. They will be significator of the houses of their sign lord.
  5. They will signify the houses of their starlord

If a planet is in  star of shadow planets hen it will automatically signify the houses signified by these shadow planets.Here moon is in the star of ketu thus moon will be the significator of houses 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 9. Moon is in own sub.

Let us see what is the scene for opposition and we will take 12th csl for the same as it is the 6th csl for the opponent.

The 12th csl is Venus. Venus is placed in the star of retrograde Saturn. Thus the chances of opposition are negated here in the first step itself.

But the elections are not going to happen today or tomorrow but they will be happening next year so we must look at the dasha which will be possibly on when voting will be done.

Till 20-09-2019 Ketu mahadasa and Moon antara will be prevailing and we have seen the significations of both the planets. It is negative for the opposition.

For the sake of more accuracy we will also take the 10th csl which is Rahu for ascendant. Rahu signifies houses 7, 8, 9, and 12 for the ascendant. The opposition is signified by the 4th house which is again Moon in ketu star and it not favoring the opposition at the time of judgment.

The ascendant sublord is Sun placed in star of Mars which has the 8th aspect on 10th house. Sun is himself the 10th house lord. The 7th csl is again moon which is not favorable for the opponent.

The ruling planets for this chart are:

  • Venus
  • Mars
  • Ketu
  • Sun
  • Moon

Majority of the ruling planets favor the ascendant.

I will have to say that in 2019 Narendra Modi will be re-elected as the Prime Minister of India. The government will get votes of all people and religion but the margins may be very less.

It is likely that the government may be a coalition one. Let us see what unfolds in the future. Best wishes to all the parties. A lot of turmoil is also seen from the horoscope. Ketu is going to cause mass damages.

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Will Narendra Modi be re-elected as Prime Minister in 2019
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