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Mars Transit in Libra 30th November 2017 to 17th January 2018

Mars will be in Libra with Jupiter on 30th November and will remain there till 17th January 2018.

Effects of Mars Transit in Libra on India and World

In India, terrorist activities will be curtailed, players of this great nation will make name for themselves and for nation. There will rise in atrocities on woman and law will be stricter. Some new laws may be framed in this period.

Some directives related to airliners may come up front. A particular religion will be blamed for wrong doings for no reason. Miraculous escapes in air may be in news globally.

General effects of this transit would be:

1) ARIES: Your bhagyesh and lagnesh which are also ashtamesh and dwadashesh will aspect you fully. There will be duality in your mind related to future actions. Marital life discord will be there. You will be having deeper feelings for someone older to you. Your feeling of righteousness will dominate you. You will be more dominating on your friends and life partner.

2) TAURUS: You will be able to clear competitions with ease. You will have win over enemies. Legal matters will be in your favor. There will be sudden good news coming for you. New job is waiting if you are looking for it. You may suffer from stomach problems mainly liver. Check your eating patterns.

3) GEMINI: There will be a tight situation in your love life. You may want to get physical with your partner. You will have financial gains. You will perform well if you are into business of consulting. You will have effect on influential people. A big deal may get finalized in this time.

4) CANCER: New job may come in this time. You may buy new books. You may look for a change I your home if rented and you may look to buy if you do not own one already. You will have gains in the business of real estate, vehicles, and machinery. Your social circle will increase and you may use lot of technology in this period.

5) LEO: Career front looks very goods and you will become popular in your professional circle. Your digital communication will be more effective and r3esult oriented. Printers, Journalists, Editors will have a great time. There will be many travels related to work. You may change your residence.

6) VIRGO: Gain from your investments in real estate may come now. You will have gains from your in-laws. You may take huge bribes. Your writing skills will give you more than expected returns. You may help your younger brother financially.

7) LIBRA: The Guru Mangala Yuti or conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in your ascendant will make you an irritating person. You will behave eccentrically and things will not just happen for you. You will spend money on travels and shopping. You will buy costly items. You will try to be on top of your partners and fellow workers.

8) SCORPIO: Expenses will rise and income will fall. Salaried people will find it hard to adjust in their salaries. Salaries might get delayed, business people will have losses. Married life will not be very happy. Your desire to have sex will rise and you may indulge in alternate activities. Love affair may come to an end or a halt for some time.

9) SAGITTARIUS: You may have a new relationship. You will make new and influential friends. You will have things happening with ease. Though there will be some difficulties created by your foes but you will overcome them. People into real estate will have good gains. Your mother may suffer from health issues.

10) CAPRICORN: Foreign travel due to work is on the cards this time. Your career will be booming and you will be doing things with speed and dexterity. You will have new friends and you will help them in sorting out their problems. Your connect with people in general will get better and polite.

11) AQUARIUS: Travel to a far off place if likely, you may visit some religious place related to lord Hanuman or Shiva or Vishnu. You may have debates with your religious or spiritual masters and may have harsh words with them. Your connect with the supreme will get better in this period. Work front is also looking good and new milestones are waiting for you it seems.

12) PISCES: Hidden income is in the offing but luck may betray you in the last minute. Keep safe in this time ands do not drive fast. You will have to bear allegations for things you have not done. You will have to see things getting away from your control for some time. Don’t get disappointed as secret happiness is also coming your way.

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Mars Transit in Libra 30th November 2017 to 17th January 2018
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