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Mangal Dosha: My view about it

 Indian ancient astrology is very vast and covers almost all the aspects of human life till death and death and before and after death. Marriage is supposed to be a very important and also sentimental happening for natives of all religions but in Hindus its intensity is much more. Every Hindu parent wants to get her daughter married at an appropriate and legal age as it is supposed to be one of the religious responsibilities of the father. As time has gone by, this institution called marriage has become something else for families, recently we heard a marriage in kerela in which 55 crores were spent. So it has also become a showoff for the rich and opulent strata of the society. Many ceremonies are done and this gives jobs to many related people thus Hindu marriage in present day is not only a bonding between the two families and two persons but is a big time employment generator for many.

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But when after all these expenses, when the two persons – The husband and wife start disliking each other and their families and everything, then the only option left is divorce. One can imagine the plight of the father of the boy and girl both who had so many dreams about their future families which will come by this marriage. Now, the other round of expenses begins which gives employment to lawyers. They take their share and the couple is divorced and afresh for remarriage.

Matching of horoscopes is a tool which may prevent the latter expenses if used and judged properly by the astrologer and the families of the boy and girl.

Mars dosha or mangal dosha or manglik is a term which is enough to cancel a good marriage proposal. Since many years Hindu families are using this tool and this is a general observation that Hindu families had least number of divorces than the people in west or elsewhere in the globe. The religious bonding or pressure, pressure of elders, society etc were the facts which prevented divorces.

Now a days, in the fast moving life of lust, greed, hatred, ego, power and what not, we see that even Hindus are out-competing Christians as far as divorces are concerned. The law which was made to empower women is used by women to blackmail her in-laws and innocent men are becoming prey to these draconian laws. Every day we read how women misused the law and then were proved wrong in the court. But this is a very lengthy and painful procedure for the family of the husband.

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Mangal dosh

Coming back to mars dosha, When mars occupies houses 1,2,4,7,8,12 from the ascendant, moon and Venus then the native is judged as manglik and he or she should be married to a person having the same position of mars or at least having mangal dosha.

Let me give few Horoscopes,

13-11-1974, 6:15 am, Ashok Nagar M.P. Female. The native got married in her Saturn -ketu antara. Ketu is aspected by Mars. The husband of the native had to run away from home due to the atrocities done by the female and since then all efforts to reconcile have proved waste. The native has also filed a false law case against her husband and his father.Mars is in ascendant.

Native with mars dosha

7-9-1992, 13:35, New Delhi. The native is divorced. Mars is in 8th house conjunct ketu.


9 December 1983, 12:40, New Delhi. The native is divorced. Mars is in 8th house.

Mars Dosha

2-2-1974, 6:45, piparia M.P. Horrible married life, on the verge of divorce. Mars is in 4th house.

Mars Dosha

18-10-1968, 20:00, Ludhiana. Separation from wife. Mars is in 4th house.

Mars Dosha Manglik

21-8-1975, 23:59, Burla Orrisa. Wife died in car accident. Mars is in ascendant.

manglik mars dosha

19-9-1985, 77E29-27N13. Marriage ended in two years. Legal divorce from court. Mars is in seventh house.


I think these many charts are not enough at all but due to small space not much can be given, Now a days there are many systems of astrology like Classical Hindu astrology, Kp System, 4 step, KB system etc and some believe in Mars dosha and some do not. So I leave it to the opinion of the reader, you, whether you want to believe in it or not. As far as I am concerned, I would certainly say that not one planet can change destiny but finding Mars in many charts, but not all, do suggest that it will be better that the old dictum be kept in mind when looking for a partner.

If you select a partner who has Mars-Rahu, mar-ketu, Mars- Saturn in those houses, then it will be very wise to either hire an investigating agency to know the truth about the person and family or inquire yourself before finally reaching to a conclusion.

Some exceptions to Mars dosha are:

  • Mars when placed in own signs, but those signs should not fall 6,8,12 from the ascendant mainly.
  • Mars is supposed to be harmless when in mercury sign in second house.
  • Mars in sign of Jupiter in 8th
  • Mars when in sign of Sun, Moon or Saturn if these signs are not 6,8,12 to the ascendant.

If it is a must to marry a native with this placement of mars, then follow the proper remedial measures and apart from remedial measures, try to be more submissive and least dominant in your relationships. Be more open and focused about the goal of marriage. The goal of marriage is not just physical relation or off-springs, but it is to live a happy and contended life not just with your partner but both the families too should be happy about it. So a mutual understanding, love and respect, absence of ego and dominance may prove better remedies for this Dosha.

By Acharya Raman

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