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Love Prediction Pisces 2018 – Read Yearly Romance Forecast Now

Year 2018 will find Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Libra till 11th October and then to Scorpio.

Rahu- ketu will be in Cancer- Capricorn respectively. From May to November Mars will be in Capricorn and this is going to be a bad news for many and good for many.

The 5th cusp sub lord holds the key and also the 5th house lord and in your case the 5th house lord Sun holds the key.

Pisces Love Prediction 2018

How can there be happiness where rahu is residing and that too in the house which is connected with spirituality? This is the house which is also the house of romance, luck etc.

Love Prediction Pisces 2018

Rest assured that there will be break in many love stories this year, depending upon the natal horoscope the severity will differ.

Your ascendant lord is transiting in the 8th house and you should not expect any goodness till 11th October anyways.

People with rahu dasa will have all kind of problems in their love life. There will be cheating, miscommunications, suspicions and break ups due to all these. You may fall for a person out of your religion and that may raise another issue which may cost you your respect in society.

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People will have unfair relations and will be able to hide them successfully this year.

People with Saturn period will have initial good things happening but as time will pass their happiness will vanish into the dark woods. You will end up seeing end of your love matters, provided it is promised that way in your natal horoscope.

Jupiter is in 8th house, it will be in the stars of Mars, Rahu and Himself. It will do some good as long as it will be in the star of Mars but the other two have nothing to do with love. Thus be ready for not good things this year.

The same will be for people with ketu and the main thing is that Ketu will shift to mars, moon and sun stars reversely and that is not beneficial in long run.

Look for people who are  alone, facing calamities, wrath of nature and get close to them and you will have a chance for a relationship which may prolong. But it should be promised in your natal chart because transit is the last thing to be seen.

Pisces Love Astrology 2018 in Nutshell:

  • This is not a good year for love matters.
  • People may have inter-religion relationships.
  • Love matters starting in this will not last.
  • It is better to focus on work.

By Acharya Raman

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