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Libra Love Astrology Prediction 2018: Happy days ahead

Year 2018 will find Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Libra till 11th October and then to Scorpio. Rahu- ketu will be in Cancer- Capricorn respectively. From May to November Mars will be in Capricorn and this is going to be a bad news for many and good for many.

The 5th cusp sub lord holds the key and also the 5th house lord and in your case the 5th house lord Sun holds the key.

Libra Love Astrology Prediction in 2018

Librans are going to have a great time in their love lives this year. You will have new relations in your love zones.

Those having Saturn dasa will have goodness overall and they will get new chances to mingle and move ahead. Many of you may leave the past behind and think for a brighter future as far as love is concerned. You may find your new partner through dating apps, he or she could be a person of foreign origin, you may move to a far off place with him/her.

Jupiter is going to bless you too this year and you will have good things happening in your love life. You will have a new start too and it will be a better one. You may meet someone with interest in teaching, law, philosophy and more of a mental relationship. There will be happiness and peace of mind in your relationship. You will be planning to go ahead with this move and reaching to the next level which is marriage.

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But people with Mars, Ketu, Rahu periods will not be enjoying things to this extent and may get just the reverse results.

People with Mars or Ketu periods should be most cautious in their relations. You may have a serious conflict of interests and suspicion and this may end your relationship. Physical abuse is not out of the frame.

If things are not getting proper then you must leave it there only and move ahead and this is the best cure for you.

Libra Love prediction in Nutshell:

  • People with Saturn dasa will have good times.
  • Same happens with Jupiter dasa people.
  • People with Mars or Ketu should move ahead if things aren`t getting better.

By Acharya Raman

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