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Will BJP make it in Himachal Pradesh this time?

We are going to witness Himachal Pradesh state elections in November 2017 and the two major parties are BJP and Congress.

Congress is the ruling party there. The results of this election may affect the elections of Gujarat also and later things may not go well with the party in the centre.

Himachal Pradesh Election 2017 Prediction

There are many speculations about the state elections of Himachal Pradesh and as an astrologer I also thought to see what is in the future.

It may or may not be true and the reality is only one is going to make the government and one will be the opposition.

I have taken number 136 for question that will BJP win this election or not and below is the chart:


We have to see the 6th cusp sublord and here the 6th cusp sub lord is moon. It is placed in the star of Ketu and is conjoined by Rahu. Moon is in Leo today. It is in own sub.

The 12th cusp sub lord is Venus placed in the 5th house. It is in the star of Sun in the sixth house. It is in sub of Ketu in 10th house.

The 11th cusp sublord is Saturn placed in second house in star of Mercury in 12th house. Mercury is the 12th house lord with 9th house.

The 5th cusp sublord is Saturn in star of Mercury in 6th house.

The ascendant sub lord is Sun, it is placed in 12th house and in the star of Mars in 11th house.

The 7th cusp sublord is Mars in 5th house and in star of Sun in 6th house.

Himachal Pradesh Election 2017 Prediction

Himachal Pradesh Election 2017 Prediction: It will be a very hard nut to crack for both the parties and the ruling party will have an edge over the other. I wish best of luck to both the parties.

By Acharya Raman

Will BJP make it in Himachal Pradesh this time?
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