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Gujarat Elections 2017 Prediction : Will BJP Make it again in the State?

Will BJP make it again to the state? Let’s read the Gujarat elections 2017 prediction and go through the details.

The fourteenth Legislative Assembly elections will be held in November-December 2017. After the phenomenal victory of BJP in the Indian General Elections in 2014, Narendra Modi was elected as the Prime Minister of India on 22 May 2014, Anandiben Patel took oath on 24th May 2014 and sworn in as 15th Chief Minister of Gujarat succeeding Narendra Modi.

Janam Kundali

She had been a Member of Parliament since 1994 and was the first women Chief Minister of Gujarat. Despite her recognition in the field of politics, she was offered to resign from her post in August 2016 following charges of unstable situation of law and order in the state.

Gujarat Elections 2017 Prediction

The state-wide protest by Patidars, one of the eminent social activist group of Gujarat, and Dalits demanding reservation in government jobs and education is also suspected to be one of the reasons for Anandiben’s resignation.

The BJP successor Patel was replaced by Vijay Rupani in August 2016. The series of events of the past one year in the state of Gujarat suggest that BJP will take a back seat in the upcoming Gujarat Assembly Elections.

Gujarat Elections 2017 Prediction

Various agencies have been conducting surveys for the outcome of the approaching Gujarat Elections. According to a survey conducted by a prominent agency, BJP will win these elections and mark their biggest victory ever in the history.

According to another survey on the popular face of Gujarat, Vijay Rupani tops the chart with 24% of the participants admiring him as the next Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Fortunately, BJP is enjoying this lead despite lower popularity ratings of its incumbent as compared to surveys conducted by same agencies for the popularity ratings of Chief Ministers of other states. Since Congress faces a popularity defalcation in Gujarat, there is a win-win situation for BJP in these elections.

Congress leads Dalits and Muslims over BJP but as of now, BJP has managed to prevent reservations from becoming a core issue in elections. Also, BJP’s vote share among Dalits and Muslims have increased considerably since 2012.

If BJP stamps this trend till December, then they will register their sixth consecutive electoral victory in the state.

According to the survey for the most liked leader by the state, PM Narendra Modi topped the list followed by Vijay Rupani and the respondents would like to continue Modi’s legacy to rule the state for overall development and prosperity of the state as a whole.

A BJP fanatic gave me 129 for BJP. Let us check it, Below is the chart:

gujarat elections prediction by Astro Vidhi

The 6th cusp sub lord is Venus. It is in the star of Sun, the 11th house lord. Sun is in the 12th house of gain of opponent but it is placed in Mars star in loss of opponent.

Gujarat Elections 2017 Prediction: BJP will face internal disputes but will manage to come again.

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Gujarat Elections 2017 Prediction : Will BJP Make it again in the State?
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