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Effect of Jupiter Transit in Swati Constellation of Rahu

Although I had written very extensively about the Jupiter transit in Libra 2017 but Jupiter will be transiting in the stars of Mars, Rahu and his own star.

Effect of Jupiter Transit in Swati Constellation of Rahu

Effect of Jupiter Transit in Swati Constellation of Rahu1

From 14th September 2017 to 19th December it will be in the star of Rahu. This will be good for some people and bad for some. Let us see what possibly it can bring to natives:


You may undertake travels, there can be disputes with family members, Your mother`s health may get affected. Your spouse may change job. He/She may have disputes at workplace. Your father may acquire some disease. Business of your maternal uncle may flourish. There can be legal matters initiated for immovable assets.


Your investments may turn negative.  Your digestive system will trouble you. Your efforts will be aggressive and you will be doing lot of short travels. People in media will perform well. Some disputes can be there with your brother. Your spouse may have long travels which will be waste. Father may have to go out for a few days.


There can be problems with relatives. Your father may have stomach problems. Mother may gain money in her business or growth in her career. Maternal uncle may face losses. You may have relationship with someone out of your religion or country. You will look for better career options and may lose your current job.


You may initiate some legal process related to immovable assets. You will not be making the right decisions and there will be losses to you. Your health issues may trouble you more. Your work performance may not be the same and there can be negative performance from your side.


You will be travelling a lot and there will be sudden expenses. You will have problems in your married life. You will have communication issues at your workplace.

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There is possibility of some huge loss to you. You love affair may be disrupted for some time. Some of you may have relations outside of your country.


You may succeed in buying an old house but later you may find that it is haunted. You may have an extramarital affair. Your business will boom suddenly. You will do well in your job. Your friend circle will increase. Those looking to sell their property will be able to do so in a good price.


There will be success in your interviews; you will make money if you are into business. Your father will face health issues. Your mother may have some breathing problems. Your career will progress on a fast track. You may change your job.


There will be many spending on futile things. You will have long travels which will not yield much good to you. There can be some problem in the electrical wiring in the house of your father. Your love life will be disturbed. You may have illicit relationships.


You may have to spend a lot on your home repairs. There can be some strange incidents in your house. You will have sudden break in your career. You may face defamation. Your father may have serious health issue. He may suffer from sleeplessness. Matters related to immovable assets may get halted or you may be cheated in them.


You may have rift in your personal life. You will have good career progress but your personal life may make your career suffer. There will be monetary gains to your father. You will have losses in business. People in media may face more problems in their career.


The natives of Aquarius ascendant will be most benefited by this transit. You will have better job opportunities, you will have long distance travels, and there will be good job prospects for your father too. He may shift to someplace. You may have love relations with people other than your own cast or your religion. You will dominate over your enemies and use black magic on others.


You may get some inheritance; your research may bring you something new. If you are into occult then you will try to master the black magic tricks.

You will have bad progeny. Your love life will be disturbed. You may get afflicted by some gory genital disease.

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Effect of Jupiter Transit in Swati Constellation of Rahu
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