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Difference between Garnet and Gomeda – Detailed Comparison

Astrology, whether it is Vedic one or western, is a very vast subject. People take a lot of time and pains to learn it. In both ways, gems have been used extensively for many reasons in astrology.

Difference between Garnet and Gomeda

Let’s go through the differences and find out whether Garnet and Gomed stones are same or totally different. Only one way to discover it.

Difference between Garnet and Gomeda

About Hessonite or Gomeda

Garnets have been used since Stone Age by mankind. It is used for astrological purposes. There are many types of Garnets like pyrope, almandine, spessartine, grossular- which is Hessonite and Tsavorite, Uvavorite and Andradorite.

Hessonite is grossular type of garnet stone and it differs in chemical composition from other garnet. Garnets are available in many colors like yellow, pink, violet, red, orange, black, and colorless.

Hessonite is a garnet family stone but it is different in chemical composition. It is found in cinnamon color, Brown red color, brown and red color. They are used for different purposes in astrology.

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Where Hessonite is used for Rahu the other garnets are used for other planet. Red Garnet is mainly used for Sun which rules the sign Leo. Hessonite is used for Rahu, the demon head.

It is believed that Rahu is the head of the demon which has drunk the nectar when it was pulled out by the devas. Rahu is supposed to be the most malefic planet and it is causes lot of problems in the life of the native if it is placed in a malefic house in the horoscope. It makes one live in misery, distress, penury, anger and anxiety.

About Garnet

Garnet on the other hand is used not only for Sun but it can be used for the planet which identifies with color of the stone. Like yellow Garnet can be used for Jupiter if one is not able to buy a good Yellow Sapphire.

It is said that one should not wear hessonite and other garnets together as they may interfere with each other’s energies and instead of giving relief they start giving problems to the wearer. Hessonite is not to be worn with any yellow or red colored stone.

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One can wear Garnets for fashion purposes also but not hessonite. Just like it is assumed for blue sapphire, even a hessonite can give sudden jerks to the native and spoil the future.

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Be it any stone, one should always get the advice of an able astrologer. You can buy Garnets and Hessonites both online. After reading this article the difference between Garnet and Gomeda is very much clear to you.

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