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CoronaVirus: Who Should Be More Careful

This small write up is about coronavirus which is haunting china. Coronavirus are large family of viruses that mostly afflict the respiratory system. Most of them infect mainly animals like cats, bats and birds. Only few and the count is 7 including 2019-nCoV, SARS, and MERS, are known to infect humans.

The main invasion of these viruses happened in the Chinese city Wuhan with 11 million population. Chinese people drink the soup of bats and all the filth they eat and drink like wheat and water. So one day or another something like this was bound to happen. But that is a different thing. 

The most common symptoms are fever cough and muscle pain. The lesser ones are coughing up mucus or blood, headache and diarrhea. Some media reports are suggesting and are unconfirmed ones that coronavirus has become an epidemic and china has burnt over 12000 dead bodies near the wuhan city.

All the patients had pneumonia and affected lungs in the CT Scan. Thus the main part which is going to be affected is the lungs in the body and the nerves till neck because sneezing and coughing will require these muscles to pull an extra bit.

How CoronaVirus Spreads:

This is a respiratory Virus thus when a person will cough or sneeze the virus will travel through the droplets and if some one is near and the wind flow is making the droplets to pass in the nose of the other person the virus may also travel with it. On the other hand it may also spread by the touch of the droplets on the surfaces and on the membranes.

Thus it is a must to keep washing hands and maintain proper hygiene.

The buzz word is Do not go to China and keep away a bit from an infected person only to avoid the virus and do not touch here and there.

Astrologically, I am going to talk about who can get most affected by this virus, we all know there are three watery signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The windy signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. The earthy signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

The chances of affliction will be least to earthy sign people but if they do get affected it will be difficult to save them. Amongst the watery sign, Cancer ascendant people will be most affected and then Scorpio and Pisceans will be least affected. Cancer is the sign which rules over the lungs in the kal purusha horoscope and Scorpio rules over the 8th bhava the most fatal house.  Scoprio is also the negative Mars sign which is connected with all kind of bad things and feelings.

It is the airy ascendant people who will not only spread it more but will also be get affected by it the most. So if you know what is your ascendant then better take precaution from coronavirus.

If you are running the main or sub or sub sub period of Moon, Rahu. Ketu, Mercury then you will be more prone to get affected by this virus and in particular rahu or ketu.

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If you are running the main or sub or sub sub period of Sun or Mars or Jupiter then the chances of affliction will be lesser because all these three are known to give good anti bodies against the viruses and even if one is afflicted he or she may get cured sooner than others and may come out happy and smiling. Others may not.

To wear a ring of Ruby and red coral together in ring finger in the right hand can be a good idea to defend yourself against any such affliction but make sure that these planets are not malefic for you as per your individual horoscope. Wear the stone of 5th cusp sub lord or its star lord which will help in fighting from diseases but if it is rahu or ketu then avoid it.

This small write up is just to create awareness and not to create any kind of fear. You may or may not agree with what I have said and I don’t want it either. You may apply the measures what I have told and see for yourself and I am sure in many cases it is going to work.




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