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Astrology Prediction : Final Verdict on Ayodhya Ram Mandir Case

It was a very fine day on 6th December 1992. I was going to my friends place in Indore near Bombay bazaar. It is a muslim dominating locality and at that time there was no high speed internet and no cheap mobile services. I think there were no mobile services in Indore at that time and suddenly this news spread like fire that babri masjid has been demolished by the kar sevak`s. And there were suddenly police jeeps announcing curfew and everyone was told to rush to their homes. I was very far and I took an auto and rushed back to my home, I was living with my relatives at that time in Indore tilak nagar.

It was chaos everywhere and soon military trucks were also see there. The collector of Indore at that acted wisely and imposed curfew otherwise the Hindu Muslim riots could have killed thousands because at those times every had some or the other weapon with them. The next day newspapers were full of good things about the collector of Indore.

The Hinduwadi party BJP since then has cashed the Ram Mandir issue and it has been a good vote cow for them. So many elections passed, so many prime ministers, chief ministers and what not came and went. Now we are having the final round of court room scene about whether that structure was actually a ram mandir before or not.

It is a real pity.

Hinduism exists even before anything ever existed and this is an open fact told not only by Indian scholars but by many many westerners too. There are umpteen books about Hinduism and about its origin.

Anyways, I wish the court give a favorable judgement. The one good thing that will happen is that BJP will not be able to cash it in the coming elections forever. After some time all things will be settled. I am not a anti BJP or anti CONGRESS person. Just sharing my opinion because I too had felt the seriousness of the issue in 1992.

I took a number from a person who gave 111 for court ruling against Ram Mandir. The horoscope is casted at 16-10-2019, 12:27  Noida.

Astrology Prediction on this Final Verdict

The KP Rule for court decision is that when the 6th cusp sub lord is a significator of 6,10,11 houses then the decision is in the favor otherwise not in the favor. Here the 6th cusp sub lord is Jupiter. It is in the star of mercury and in own sub. Jupiter is placed in the third house and it is in star of mercury which is palced in the first house in the horary chart. Jupiter rules 4 and 7 houses and mercury rules 1, 10 houses. We see that here the 6th cusp sub lord is favoring the lagna by being a significator of 10th house. Although it is not a very strong signicator. Mercury is in the sub of Saturn which is ruling the 5th and 6th houses. This Mercury is aspected by Moon the lord of the 11th house and is conjunct Venus.


The court decision will go in favor of Ram Mandir as per the horoscope.


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