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Arvind Kejriwal’s Oath Taking Ceremony and Future of Delhi

So, finally on 16.2.2020, Arvind Kejriwal took the oath of Chief Minister of Delhi the third time in a row. The time was 12:14 pm at Ram leela maidan. Below is the horoscope for the same.

Today the moon is transiting in the Scorpio sign, it`s sign of debilitation. Moon is in Anuradha, the star ruled by Saturn. The next election will be held in 2025 in Saturn dasa sun antara and we have to see how these 5 years are going to be. I will be taking each house and its significance and effect in general.

Arvind Kejriwal Oath Ceremony

  • Home Affairs of Delhi:

It is seen from the first house. The lord is not only exalted but in the star of Saturn. It is ruling the cusps 10th and 11th and it is placed in the 9th There will be emphasis on religion, education and there will be proximity with the western world. It should be noted that the working of this ministry will be slow. Saturn is transiting in own sign and is in a fixed sign so there will be not much to talk about. There will be lot of advertisements done by this government on various topics which can be from public education to self boasting.


Rahu occupies the second house and is aspected by Jupiter and Mars. The lord of the second house is placed in the 10th house from the lagna. There are going to be many efforts to increase the state revenue by the government and many of them are going to be successful also. But the presence of rahu is indicating forgery and cheating and the aspect of Mars is suggesting that in the name of revenue generation through businesses there may be financial crimes committed by the office bearers or their agents. Jupiter is suggesting some hidden agenda which is not going to be fruitful for the state.

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  • Communications: The lord of the third house is debilitated and placed in a malefic star. In the time to we can see the use of government press to malign others, we may see inappropriate use of government communication handles of all types. There can be “twitter” war from time to time amongst the office bearers itself.

Fourth House:

Since there is not much to see as Delhi is a very small state, the real estate of Delhi will see a rise. There will be increase in the sales of lands and other type of properties. The lord of the 4th is aspecting the 4th house along with the lord of second house. The general condition of education will improve. The municipal corporation will have a better functioning. There will be goodness amongst the general masses.

Fifth House:

We may see death of some important screen entities from Delhi in the coming five years. There can be death of some officials too. There can be sudden accidents in the sports teams which are representing Delhi or to the players who are from Delhi. There will be a plot against Mr. Kejriwal to remove him from his position and a fatal incident also cannot be ruled out.

  • Sixth House:

Venus is aspected by Saturn and Mars. Sex crimes are going to increase in Delhi. There can be a epidemic of some virus in the time to come. There will be a severe and fatal disease to one or more office bearer which may not come in public light. Women folk is going to suffer despite all the good measures. There will be many public health related mishaps in the time to come. We may see terrorist attacks and anti national activities in Delhi to see a beginning or rise in the time to come. The concerned departments will try to take control and things will be controlled only by force and not by persuasion. There will be fire accidents in government buildings and important records will be burnt. The labour class and the under privileged is going to suffer. Health department will see a scam surely.

  • The seventh house:

weak moon occupies the 7th There will be scandals unearthed in the time to come. There will emotional distress in the masses and in the office bearers in the time to come. One can expect sex scandals in the time to come.

  • The eighth House:

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The 8th house stands for mass tragedies, fall of the government , death of important people and epidemics. Ketu Mars and Jupiter have occupied the 8th I am really not sure which gentleman fixed the time of oath as what Delhi will see in the coming five years is communal violence, tragedies and terrorist activities. Fire accidents will kill traders. There wil be deaths of Judges. There will be sudden accidents, explosions and mysterious killings in Delhi.

  • The ninth house:

Saturn occupies the ninth house. This is highly uncalled for. It is very bad for communal amnd religious circles. There will be attempt to assassinate the ruler and here the ruler is Mr. Arvind Kejriwal so he should be well prepared for any kind of mishap to him or his family in the time to come. Religious clashes are going to increase. But the positive side is that there will be development of Delhi going on in the field of education and higher education. There will be new trusts coming up which may take up the responsibilities of education and be a part of government like the Mohalla clinic experiment of AAP government.

The tenth house:

Sun and Mercury are placed in the 10th The Sun will give strength to the will of the government and there will be good decisions taken in adverse times. The ruler will bring name to his state and his party and his decisions will prove to be right in the end. The placement of mercury suggests that a lot of travel and trading will be done by the government for the benefit of the people. The state will prosper with time and fame will rise. The ruler may expand its name to other states too in the time to come.

The eleventh house:

Stands for assembly, gains to the state, alliances, treasury and exalted Venus is placed in the 11th It is aspected by Mars and Saturn. There will be efforts from the governemt for the well being for the women folks but will go in vain. The evil aspect of the two malefic will bring disgrace and disasters to the female folk and there can be misbehaving activities with the female office bearers. We can witness another “nirbhaya” episode(s) in the time to come. Sex scandals related to office bearers may come forth.

The 12th house:

Jupiter the lord of 8th and 12th is aspecting the 12th Apart from this there is no other signification to the 12th house. Thus there is not much to talk about it.

These were the general indications of the planets but events can only happen if the dasha permits. The mahadasha is of Saturn. Saturn is in the star of Sun. It is going to remain in the star of Sun till December 2020 and in January it will transit to Shravan star ruled by Moon.

Saturn dasa and ketu antara is going till 22-03-2021 and then Venus will come. We have seen that both ketu and Venus are not good for the government. Let us see what these planets do to the new AAP government. Venus is going to be there till may 2024 and then Sun will come. Sun will be there till March 2025 and then we will see another elections as five years wil be completed.



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