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Aquarius Love Prediction 2018 – Romance Forecast for the Year Ahead

Year 2018 will find Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Libra till 11th October and then to Scorpio. Rahu- ketu will be in Cancer – Capricorn respectively.

From May to November Mars will be in Capricorn and this is going to be a bad news for many and good for many.

The 5th cusp sub lord holds the key and also the 5th house lord and in your case the 5th house lord Sun holds the key. Usually there are bits and pieces of romances attached to Aquarians, and finally they realize that everything is meaningless.

Aquarius Love Astrology 2018

Anyways, this year is going to be good for love matters because the planet most desirable will be in a favorable position.

Aquarius Love Prediction 2018

You may have new relations and also you may take your relationship to another level if you are already having one. You may have relations with people older or too younger to you. Having inter-religion relations is also very likely this year.

People with Jupiter dasa will be most blessed in matters of love. There will be peace and harmony in their relations. You will get the “yes” easily from people you want.

Saturn too will be aspecting the 5th house and this will be creating problems. The mixture of 12th house and the 1st house will create ups and downs in your relations if you are having the dasa of Saturn running.

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People with Mars period too will have problems off and on particularly when it will be with Ketu in the 12th house. This will be the time when your patience will be tested.

Rahu dasa will give breaks and heartbreaks. You will be distracted from matters of romance and will be more interested in your career prospects. You will face cheats in trying to find love so better avoid it.

Other dasa lords, when they will transit in stars of rahu, ketu, Mars then they will also be negative for your love life.

Aquarius Love 2018 in Nutshell:

  • This year is good for love matters.
  • Your will have harmony in your love life.
  • People with Jupiter dasa will have most benefits.
  • People with Rahu dasa will not have much goodness.

By Acharya Raman

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