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The 12 signs of the zodiac: SAGITTARIUS

This is the sign ruled by Jupiter and possesses the positive qualities of Jupiter like law abidingness, justice, knowledge, godliness. Forgiveness, religious, devotional are the traits possessed by this sign.

This is a dual sign which is courageous, straightforward, truth lover, confident sign. The natives of this sign are well performers in the field of social service, law, research, philosophy. It governs thighs and lungs. Obesity, diabetes, cancer, elephantiasis, swellings, tumors, problems of back and thighs are governed by this sign.

Janm Kundali

It rules over law, philosophy, religious books and scriptures, research, elephants, horses, arms manufacturing, almonds, cashew, ayurvedic medicines, syrups, needles, sharp weapons, axe, big fruits, big projects, airplanes, ships. The occupations denoted by this sign are teacher, preacher, philosopher, professor, advertisements, publications, international travels, travel agencies, voyages, public relation department, and big contracts.

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The places denoted by this sign are schools, colleges, courts of law, religious places, temples, churches, places where arms are kept, worshiping places, photos of Gods and Deities.

Horoscope 2019


9-5-1945, 23:00, KHALHER

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10-8-1855, 16:00, UNIARA

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