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laghu nariyal
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Laghu Nariyal - 5 Pcs

What is Laghu Nariyal ?

Laghu Nariyal is the most effective remedy for wealth. Laghu Nariyal is favorite to Goddess Mahalaxmi. Highly beneficial to businessmen who want their ambitions and desires fulfilled.

Benefits –

  • Laghu Nariyal protects from black magic and evil spirits.
  • It reduces the effects of shani sade sati.
  • The helps during pregnancy. It releases grief and stress.
  • It is the best remedy to earn wealth and prosperity.

How to use ?

Before placing Laghu Nariyal, meditate keeping in your hand. Think of the qualities you want the object to integrate and place it. Tie in a red color cloth and keep it in your cash reserves.

Why purchase from us ?

It is energized by our esteemed panditiji. Fully energized and purified Laghu Nariyal without any crack will work best from rest. Buy Laghu Nariyal online and you will definitely see a change.