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Today's Horoscope 28-03-2017


Health will be in a bad shape today. Turbulent mind and low immunity will bother you. You may suffer from bile related problems. There will be a general feeling of lethargy. Take care of your health.


You shall feel frustrated and upset. Your confidence level will decrease.

Personal Life

Clashes are likely at home front. Separation from a loved one is also possible. Lack of understanding can lead to disagreements and hostility. Conjugal bliss will be missing.


There may be difficult situations. Misunderstands may occur. No positive work will be done; there will be some clashes at workplace. You will have to put in real hard work to get success in your efforts.


Today is not at all a good time for travelling. You may have to roam about aimlessly – without gaining any results. This shall result in loss of time and stamina.


Today definitely is not a lucky day for you. You will have to struggle to make it auspicious for you.

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