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Cancer Monthly Horoscope - Monthly Horoscope for Cancer, Cancer Monthly Astrology

Cancer Monthly Horoscope - May 2017

General Life: There will be some or other issue in family disturbing you. You will have to bear more expenses and you will suffer from cheating by others. You will have to be careful this month otherwise there are chances of some heavy losses. Keep away from stock market. You may suffer from gastric problems.

Work and Business: You will be aggressive in your approach and will get things done in time. Business people will have losses due to their own negligence. Finances may go south after 14th. Avoid days to make major decisions when moon will be conjunct ketu or rahu.

Romance: Love life seems to be normal. You will enjoy the time with your beloved. You will have some good moments in this month but the thing is you should keep yourself aloof from negativity and suspicion as it will not help in any good.

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