Who will win Big Boss? : KP astrology prediction

The following are the four finalists in big boss:

1)Bani Judge





The rule is that the sub lord of 6th house should strongly connect with 1-2-3-6-10-11 houses to win. We have to compare the strengths.

As there are 4 contestants we cannot predict from a single horary chart. Therefore I am randomly selecting a seed number for each of the contestants.

  • Bani Judge : seed number 141 (Venus-Jupiter-Mercury)

Here the sub lord of the 6th house is Jupiter. He is in 12th house in the star of Mars and sub of Saturn. Saturn is again tenanted in the star of Kethu in 4th house. Therefore she may not be lucky.

  • Manveer: seed number 190 (Saturn-Sun-Jupiter)

Here the sub lord of 6th house is Sun. He is in Asc in the star of Moon and sub of Jupiter. Again Jupiter is in the star of Mars an occupant of 2nd house! Therefore Sun is indicating victory.

  • Manoj: seed number 226 (Saturn-Jupiter-Venus)

Here sub lord of 6th house is Moon. She is in 11th house in own star and sub of Venus, whereas the later is in the star of Jupiter in 7th house. It is indicating that this candidate may give tough fight but may lose at the last moment.

  • Lopamudra: seed number 183 (Jupiter-Venus-Mercury)

Here sub lord of the 6th house is Saturn. He is in 12th house in the star and sub of Kethu. But Kethu is in 2nd house in the star of Rahu in 8th house. She may do good but not enough.

Among the above we have to order as follows:

  • Manveer
  • Judge/Manoj
  • Lopamudra

To confirm above analysis I took RP now at 15:59 hrs on 28-01-2017 near 16th degree north latitude:

Ruling Planets:

Asc: Moon sign Saturn star (cancer)

Moon: Saturn sign Moon star (Sravana)

Day: Saturn (Saturday)

Therefore RPs are Saturn, Moon and Kethu (representing Saturn).

The asc co-rulers for the seed numbers should match with these RPs. We find only Manveer and Manoj have Saturn in their numbers. Among them I prefer Manveer as he had Sun as star lord aspecting Asc and conjoined with Moon in same star.

Therefore Manveer will be the winner of this Big Boss season.

Good luck to all contestants.