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Will Tejasvi Yadav give resignation or not?

The grand alliance of the opposition is in a strange state these days, Nitish is worried, Lalu is worried, Tejasvi is worried and BJP is worried.

What is going to happen in Bihar after all, they did manage a thumping majority and now things are getting scattered away from everyone. It seems the demon of corruption is not going to leave Lalu and his family so easily.

Nitish is worried about his image, Lau is worried about his son, Tejasvi is worried about his own seat and BJP is worried that if they managed somehow then they wont get a better chance to make a dent in the government.

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I also raised a time chart to know the answer whether Tejasvi will resign or not? The time is 16-07-2017, 9:46 am , New Delhi and below is the chart.

Leo , the royal ascendant is rising and Sun is placed in the 11th house in a dual sign in house of a friend. That friend Mercury is transiting in the 12th house.

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Sun is in the star of Jupiter, the lord of 5th and 8th and it is in the sub of moon. Jupiter shows loss of job and defamation. Moon is in the 8th house clearly indicating harm to present situation. Moon is the 12th house lord.

We will see the 11th house significations too. The 11th cusp sub lord is Mercury and it is the 11th house lord too. It is in the star of Mercury itself but in the sub of Moon. Moon is in the 8th house. This mercury is the 9tha nd 10th cusp sublord too.

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The ascendant sub lord is Saturn. It is retrograde at the time of judgment. It is in star or mercury and in own sub. Saturn is not a benefic for the ascendant.

The dasa going at the time of judgment is of Mercury and Sun antara is there till 10th march 2018. They both are connected with 8th house at sub level.

Ironically this moon is in star of mercury and sub of sun. Moon is 12th lord placed in 8th.

Conclusion: These politicians may come up with a viable solution to the problem and Tejasvi may not have to resign finally or his position will be saved at the last moment. Even if he has to resign, after some time things will be favorable for him is what this horoscope is showing at the moment. #mahagathbandhan may prevail.

By Acharya Raman

Will Tejasvi Yadav give resignation or not?
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