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Venus transit in Pisces 27th January , 2017

Venus is going to transit in its exalted sign Pisces on 27th of January. This year it is going to be in Pisces for a very long time and will move into Aries on May 31st. Jupiter will be aspecting this exalted Venus which will further enhance the goodness when both will be in direct motion. When both or any one of them will get retrograde then there will be reversal of results to some extent. This exalted Venus will be conjoined  Mars for a month almost and this will trigger increase in sex drive in general amongst the natives and women folk will be moving ahead with strong will and force globally. The possible result of this transit for all the 12 ascendants will be:

  • Aries: Venus Transit in Pisces 2017, Your life partner will get some good news. There is possibility of long distance or foreign travel. You will be making costly purchases. When it will be in star of Saturn you will have delays in your works. Your sex drive will be dull. When it will be in star of mercury then you will have losses in legal matters, love matters will be giving bad news and there will be losses in speculation. You may invest in immovable assets.
  • Taurus: Venus Transit in Pisces 2017, Gains from speculation seems good. Love matters will be progressive and you will be delighted. Your sense of humor will get sharp. When in Saturn star it will give you many problems and hurdles and you will get really frustrated at times. Your love matters will be disappointing and you may end your affairs. You will have good time when it will be in the star of mercury. Things will start improving and you will make money.

You are reading Venus Transit in Pisces 2017

  • Gemini: Venus Transit in Pisces 2017, There will be good progress in your work. You will get support from natives of opposite sex. Married life will be good and amicable. You will be getting just reverse results when it will enter in the star of Saturn. You will have minor differences in married life. You will face wrath of ill luck. Things will not be happening as per your wish. Later in star of mercury you will feel the need to refurbish your home and vehicle. You may buy a new vehicle.

You are reading Venus Transit in Pisces 2017

  • Cancer: The period in which it will in star Of Jupiter will be the only good period. Although the lord of 11th in 9th is a good thing and you will be benefited but in stars of Saturn and Mercury you are not going to enjoy this transit. Business people will make good contacts abroad, you will make money and name and later things will not be so good. In Saturn star it will be affecting your married life. You will be getting bad news from more than one source. In star of mercury it is going to make you spend on useless things. There will be short and long travels but mostly of no use.

You are reading Venus Transit in Pisces 2017

  • Leo: Both in the star of Jupiter and Saturn things will not be good as expected and also later in the star of Mercury too things will be unsatisfactory. Love matters, finance, profession etc all be adversely affected. But there will be some sudden and hidden gains. You may have new partner for physical relations.
  • Virgo: Love matters will be affected in the star of Saturn but in Jupiter and Mercury stars things will be good in this context. Married life will go smooth as long it is in Jupiter and Mercury star and in the star of Saturn there will be some difference of opinion. People in business will have more gains then people in jobs.
  • Libra: Defeat in legal matters is very likely if you are going through the pratyantara of Venus in this time. Try fixing the dates in the courts. There will be minor health problems and married life also is going to be affected mainly because of Mars and not so much about Venus because Mars is going to be in the 12th house to 7th for the month but later things will get better. In star of Saturn you will have short travels. You may shift your residence if living in a rented accommodation. In Mercury star you will be getting mixed results and in the last phase good news will be there for you.
  • Scorpio: Venus Transit in Pisces 2017, There will be some misunderstanding in your love matters but still they will go smooth. You should not lose your temper. You will have growth in your career. You may have some misunderstandings with your siblings. There will be gains from real estate or for people into transportation, chemicals, and beverages. In the star of Mercury you will have financial prosperity.
  • Sagittarius: Venus Transit in Pisces 2017, For you this is the transit which is going to be beneficial throughout. Your work whether Job or Business will be seeing growth. You will be benefited from natives of opposite sex. You may renovate your home or vehicle or both. If you are working out then you may visit your birthplace. Married life is going to be good and you will have gains from shares, if you like to speculate.
  • Capricorn: Venus Transit in Pisces 2017, The initial part when Venus will be in the star of Jupiter will be saddening. Later in the star of Mercury things will be good. In Jupiter star there will be expenses on travels which will prove wasteful. You may be given a job which is not according to your caliber. You may lose job in this transit so do not take any major decision in this period and continue where you are.
  • Aquarius: If you are passing through the antara of Venus then you will have the best benefits of this transit. In general one will have monetary gains, gains from friends, favors from natives of opposite sex. Venus Transit in Pisces 2017, Progress in love matters, increased sexual urges, career progression etc in Saturn and Mercury star but in the star of Jupiter there could be sudden repercussions.
  • Pisces: Venus Transit in Pisces 2017, You will have some issues with your siblings, though they will be trying to help but still there will be problems. Your mind will be having thoughts of materialistic gains and the feeling of jealousy and greed will be afflicting you. This phenomenon will go for 4 months. In Saturn star career progress will be there for some time and in the star of Mercury you will get good satisfaction from your career and personal life.

By Acharya Raman

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Venus transit in Pisces 27th January , 2017
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