Should I take that business option? – KP astrology prediction

A client approached me regarding a business proposal. He asked me whether to take that business which will give a share in profit as well as a position. He mentioned number 225:

As per KP 8th house is for share in profit, 7th house is for business prosperity and 10th house is for employment. I verified the three houses for a final prediction.

Here 7-8 houses have the same sub lord Mercury. He is in 10t house in the sub of Venus. She is in 12th house in the star of Mars in 12th house. Therefore Mercury signifies 12th house (loss) at sub level!

10th house is in Scorpio in the sub of Saturn. He is in 9th house in the sub of Jupiter. Note Jupiter is in 8th house (his stars are untenanted: Golden Rule in KP applies here) in the star of Mars in 12th house. Therefore Saturn is strong for 8th house (Golden Rule) and 12th house at sub level.

Thus all the important houses for the question are connected with the house of loss.

I predicted without hesitation that it is useless to go for this option.

Good Luck